Friday, April 3, 2015

Verso Learning

Have you ever had one of those years where you have about 5000000 blog ideas running around in your head, but then it takes you at least 3 months to get one written?  Welcome to my life lately!

Let's take a moment to travel back in time to TCEA15 in February....

TCEA always offers so many opportunities for me to connect with fellow educators, learn about the latest tools and meet cutting edge companies.

Many of my friends have joined the Flipped Classroom idea and Verso Active Learning is an amazing platform to get started in.

During the lunch I attended I was able to easily log onto the app as a student and join the classroom that was created.  

Things I loved on the student end:
-The ease of joining the classroom across various devices
-The importance of student voice.  Many times students will wait to answer prompts or questions, Verso uses anonymity when answering prompt.  Being a special educator I had many students who would not answer questions for this very reason.  I love this part!
-The ease of the teacher being able to track all of the comments and information coming in from the various classes/students.

In creating my own class through Verso I was excited to see how streamlined and easy it was to maneuver between classes, information and my dashboard.  Working in the education field my time is very limited and having access to all that I need at my fingertips is a great plus.

Things I love on the teacher end:
-The data that it gives me. I know that many teachers become overwhelmed with data, but good data allows us to be better teachers and also for our students to grow.
-The voice that it gives students.  How can a teacher not love student voice.. and this platform allows for students to feel more open to answering and commenting.
-Did I mention the ease?  This platform is super easy to use. You can connect it with your Google account.  You can also record on the go (which if you know me.. being mobile is a HUGE deal!)

I look forward to learning more about Verso Learning.   Have you used Verso and how has it changed your classroom?

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