Friday, July 29, 2011

Podstock 2011

I can't even begin to describe the Happiness that Podstock brings me! What other conference do you walk in to are there people to greet you and are genuinely excited to see you.  People that gather together once a year because they realize the importance of a community that cherishes new ideas, welcomes new members, and is a home for all of the educators who need a boost.  

This year I celebrated my 3rd Podstock!  The first year Podstock had a little over 100 people. There were only 3 Texans, and all others were from Kansas.  The 2nd year it grew and more states became involved.  This year there were over 200 people that showed up from 12 different states.  Each blog that I have read reminds of one more piece of Podstock that makes it so important to my heart!  

The first two years of Podstock were geared more towards the 70's. Participants showed up in their hippy clothes and were ready to share ideas.  This year the theme was 50's Diner.  Participants came in poodle skirts, rolled up jeans, and pearls.  People were willing to share ideas in regular sessions and some were even willing to join in and present at unconference sessions.  It was all amazing!  From the very moment you step through the door to get your order taken, to the amazing sessions through the day, to the dance Friday evening and then to the Podstock Flashmob Saturday morning Podstock is the most amazing conference one can go to.  

I have to say though, my mom says it best.  She did research over the 50's and found this.
"In everything I looked up about the 1950's there was always pictures and information about the twirlers and majorettes. They are not like the twirlers today or even in my day. These girls strutted their stuff in parades, pep rallys, and games. but more importantly they were always in the lead...marching at the head of the band, giving the crowd spirit, leading the band to victory for the team. They were revered in their calling! In the 1950's the home school band led the parade and the majorettes and twirlers always came first. 
I know that Kevin is striking up the "bands"

My mom is pretty amazing!  The batons she sent were awesome!

 The friends that I have from Podstock are everlasting.  I am part of the movement!  I am a member of a community that is excited to teach, but also excited to learn the best ways to teach and reach students.  At Podstock you not only join the conversation, you join the family.  Mark your calendars!  334 more days until Podstock 2012 (June 28, 29, 30, 2012)
There are more amazing pictures on the Podstock Ning These are only a few!  

Other great blogs about Podstock 2011! If I have missed one, please share and I will make sure it gets posted!