Sunday, January 1, 2017

Reflections and #40by40

With the start of a New Year.. means New Resolutions.  I decided several years ago to not make resolutions, but make a list of goals and dreams.  I also start each year with a word (and when I say year.. I mean school year.. that is how my life runs!) My word this year EXPLORE!
Reflecting on the past year and excited about the new year
In looking at my blog from last year, I accomplished most of it.  My biggest goal last year was Disney, but we didn't make it.  I did do lots of other things that made my heart happy!

This year I made a vision board that will sit right next to my bed.. not upstairs where I can't see it.  it includes:
-make a 4.0 in my Library Science Masters
-Don't feel guilty.  I am an anxious person.. and always aim to please.  My goal this year is to be okay enjoying the things that I want to do and not feel guilty for enjoying it.
-make better choices in healthy habits
-begin my #40by40
William and I also made a goal board together that includes getting to New Jersey...making some day trips and a couple of other odds and ends.

#40by40 Dream List
I am a LIST MAKER! William will often ask me what I am doing.. and I answer with Listing.  I make lists of lists sometimes.They say when you write something down and share it.. you are more likely to follow through.  So, I decided to make a list of 40 things that I wanted to accomplish by the time I am 40 (now.. some of these are fairly random).  I found this super cute book at Michaels that is part scrapbook and part photo album. Today I added the writing of the lists.. as I complete the different items, I can put pictures/information and fun items in the scrapbook.

So.. here are my 40 by 40 (I also divided them into different sections)
1. Book and pay for a vacation to Ireland
2. Take mom to New York
3. Take a trip to New Jersey
4. Tour a vineyard
5. Drive Route 66
6. Camp in a National Park
7. Go on a haunted tour
8. Go to Canyon with Elaine
9. Float the River
10. Go Skiing
11. See the Grand Canyon
12. Go on a girls weekend
13. Go fishing with my dad
14. Take a wine tasting class
15. Get 3 tattoos
16. Indoor skydive
17. Learn to drive a stickshift
18. Renew our vows
19. Have photos taken
20. Host a game night
Life Goals
21. Learn to crochet
22. Attend a New Years Even party
23. Write an article for Family Fun
24. Write a poetry book
25. Learn to make moms biscuits
26. learn to make dads gravy
27. learn to make William's Death by Chocolate Crepes
28. Learn to make bread from scratch
29. Make a photo book of my photos
30. Make a t-shirt blanket
31. Send birthday cards
32. learn to play a song on a guitar
33. meet Bill Murray
34. Watch all the Liam Neeson movies
35. Do 40 Random Acts of Kindness
36. Go to a drive in movie
37. Get new luggage
38. Watch a meteor shower
39. Be in a better place with credit
40. Purchase a groupon and use it

Here is to years of adventures! Do you have a list that you check off?