Saturday, March 12, 2016

DI, Masters, New Puppy OH MY!

Resolutions and goals are meant to be broken.. right?

I am spending my last 2 days of spring break with big goals.. that is.. I am on the last 3 movies of Harry Potter, I finished a book, AND I am almost to zero inbox in ALL OF MY EMAILS! With that being said.. I had to file some email bankruptcy.. I filed the things I knew I needed.. and I trashed the rest.  I apologize now if I have not responded to one of your emails and I hope you understand.

So what has the busy bee been up to?  In February my friend told me about an adoption weekend going on. So we headed to the pound... just to look.  We had to put down our first duck Wolfgang (beautiful collie) about 2 years ago at the same time we went to look at the pound.  Walked in and we found Jax! Jax is a 2 year old Australian Shepherd..and we couldn't be happier having this new addition to the family.

Destination ImagiNation competition was February 27th.  This year we took 6 teams (4 competitive and 2 rising stars).  One of the big things about Destination ImagiNation is the crazy hats.  This year I decided that we needed to make our own crowns!  Check out these beauties myself and our other team managers are wearing.  They are made with lace that has been put in fabric stiffener.  We then painted them and added them to a headband.  Super easy.. AND so much more comfortable than some of the hats that I have worn in the past.

We had 2 teams place this year. Our Nerdy Birdy Trio + 1 placed 3rd and our P.E.E.P.S. placed 5th.  SUPER PROUD of how all the teams did (and SUPER THANKFUL for all the volunteers and parents that made the day run smoothly!)
Only the BEST Destination ImagiNation Team Managers #teamelliottDI #neverlearnedtosayno

I am still going strong with my masters classes and have already learned so much more about being a librarian really entails (and loving every minute of it!) I love that I am able to stay busy and try new things.