Monday, October 10, 2016

Not the Chef

Today is my husband's birthday. I am super lucky that he is an amazing and talented man.  I am even more lucky that he is a Classically Trained Executive Chef, because..let it be known.. I can't (well.. maybe more of don't) cook. Now, I can microwave really well.. and drive thru I have down! I also enjoy watching him work in the kitchen and I get to stir items occasionally.
Chef William and Chef Gonzo at their last catering gig. Check out his Facebook page for more information
With it being the beginning of the year, and my first Girl Scout meeting happened last week.. there are a couple of treats that I am totally capable of making!

Last year I became the leader for Troop 1810 and oh my goodness.. I just LOVE those girls! But our first meeting last year, I realized that there was no one to bring snacks.  When talking to my mom, she reminded me that Nuglet (my troop leader Nancy) used to make the best snacks ever! Remember how I said I don't cook.. well this was right up my alley! Graham crackers with chocolate icing! I have now made this first meeting tradition of having graham crackers with chocolate icing.  The girls seem to enjoy it (and no real cooking involved)

Each girl got one graham cracker and a half of spoon of chocolate to make their own graham cracker cookie

But, there is an item that I LOVE TO COOK/BAKE.  Cakies! Cakies are that treat that we used to make at my house for family events, Christmas, Girl Scouts or anytime that we needed to bring a snack.  Super easy to make and so very yummy.

Throw back to my sister and I helping clean the bowl after we had made a batch of cakies

Favorite thing about cakies- they are easy to make (don't worry.. I am going to share the recipe!) Not only are they easy, but they are so yummy as well. I love that I can make these treats as a thank you to staff and leave them in the lounge or take them with me to meetings.

Put these out at the beginning of the year for staff

I said I would share the recipe!
1 egg
½ cup of brown sugar
1 stick of butter (softened)
½ cup of oil
2 cups of oats
1 box of cake mix
¼ cup of water as needed
-Preheat oven to 375
-grease an 8x12 glass casserole dish
-mix egg, brown sugar, butter, oil
-add 1 cup of oats and ½ of cake box mix
-mix together
-add 1 cup of oats and ½ of cake box mix
-mix well add water if needed
-spread mixture in casserole dish
-bake for 20-25 minutes
-let cool

Side note: When I was younger.. I even made macaroni and cheese that the dog (that ate EVERYTHING) wouldn't even eat.. my cooking skills have grown a little since then :)

Next up on the agenda- EdCampDallas.. and I have been blogging about Library Land over at Bee in the Bookends AND.. did you see my awesome new blog design? My friend Carrie (aka Heck Awesome) did an AMAZING job redesigning this blog and my Bee in the Bookends! I mean seriously- go check her out @HeckAwesome and her website.  I am in LOVE with it!