Sunday, December 31, 2017

A Year In Review- Top 3 Best and Worst Moments

2017 is ending soon, and what a year it was.
This year my word has been Seek, and I have done a ton of seeking in myself, friends, and family.
This year brought graduations, wedding announcements, breakfast with friends, loss of friends, knee scooters for sprained ankles, gaining of understanding of family, and the beginning of the work on the 40x40 list, and so much more! Do I have more than 3 GREAT moments of the year.. of course!  Do I have more than 3 of the WORST moments of the year, absolutely.  But what makes a year other than the memories of what happened and how you get through both good and bad. 
Before I get into the top 3.. I wanted to share my dreams for this past year (William and I had some as well.. and we actually did over half of them!!)
I had this frame sitting next to my bed.. and reminded myself often.  The first one... don't feel guilty and enjoy life- I am finally getting to that stage.. but I had to do some of my own scripts of how to handle situations in order to achieve this (of course I am still working on it) 4.0 average for TWU.. OMG.. when I talk about my top 3 BEST and WORST you will understand more why this was amazing :) Be at a better weight.. yep.. down 10 pounds!  #40by40 adventures, you can check out the blog hear about my updates

Now to the lists (and if you know me.. you know how much I love to list!)
Top 3 BEST Moments of 2017
1. I graduated from TWU!!  Not only did I graduate, but I a did it with a 4.0 average and was also recognized as an outstanding student. I am now officially a librarian!!!
2. My husband was diagnosed bi-polar.  Mental illness is not something to joke about, but because of the diagnosis it has changed how our household runs. It has also helped with my own understanding of how important it is to help support those that have mental illness.. but also support myself.  I could NOT have made it without all the friends that I have, my husband getting the help that he needs.. and the love of my family and 2 amazing ladies. It is not easy to say that someone needs help.. and it is not easy to recognize that you need extra support to make it through too.  I am proud of my husband and the talented created chef and person that he is.  I am thankful for my parents that have been with me every step of the way.. and I am so thankful for Robin and Elaine being there ALL THE TIME!

3. Working on my #40by40 list.  I LOVE lists, and working on my #40by40 list has helped me branch out of my comfort zone.  I have learned how to make my moms biscuits and my dads gravy, I have gotten 3 new tattoos, I have learned how to play the ukulele, I have been more mindful in birthday cards (guys.. I even sent out a few Christmas cards this year!), went on a photo journey to Canyon with Elaine, been on a ghost tour (on a knee scooter too) and so much more!! As petty as this sounds.. I love my #40by40 list because it is things that make me happy.  You can check out my list here .  I have done an updated blog about adventures so far here .  Side note... my goal was 3 tattoos.  One was the one to represent William (which is from Where the Wild Things Are) and the other 2 were to represent my parents. In my family if you love someone, you don't say I love you this much.. because that is not very much, but you love someone This Manys.  On my feet (because my parents have been with me every step of the way) I got This Manys.  One side is my dads handwriting and the other side is my moms.  My other tattoo is on my back.. because William always has my back!

 Top 3 WORST Moments of 2017

1. Losing an amazing friend. In May I (and HUNDREDS of other people) lost a truly amazing young woman.  Kylie was one of a kind and I sure do miss her text messages, phone calls, dates, and hang ups.  I wrote about her here. But she also has helped me with my word of the year Seek.
2.  Going to school. Okay, I LOVE school (and learning).. but doing 2 classes a semester and keeping up with my life in general was REALLY tough.  I know that I am an over achiever, but between home life, school life, librarian life and going to school.. it was ROUGH. 
3. Getting my husband diagnosed bi-polar.  A diagnosis of being bi-polar is only the beginning.  In order to get true help.. it requires doctors visits, medications, strength, support, love and so much more.  Although we are finally on the right path.. combining life in general (see number 2 and 1) made for some really tough times.

But, here comes 2018! I am excited to see what adventures it has in store.  One of my husbands favorite books is Where the Wild Things Are. I carry a Max in my purse with me, and when I go out of town.. Max goes with me too.  I recently read the book again.. and I loved it even more.  Of course it tells the story of Max who is just a little too wild, but who goes out to find adventures, be the king, and still comes home to a warm plate of food.  I know that I am ready for 
The Wild Rumpus To Start!
P.S.- I know that there are SO many people that have helped me along on this journey that I call my life.. and please know that I am SO thankful for each and every one of you (even if I don't say it enough)
P.P.S.- I am going to work on bullet journaling this year to help with my own mindfulness. You can follow me on Instagram to see what I am up too.. but I do plan to be adding more Youtube videos and be better about blogging here and at Bee in the Bookends! I also have lots of adventures in store for this year!