Saturday, August 4, 2018

What Happened to Summer?

I am a planner!
Back in May, I decided that I was going to create a summer bucket list.  It was going to be my first official summer off in over 3 years!  I got together with Elaine, picked up items from Joann's and created a list of the things that I wanted to do this summer.
I put this frame in my office and looked forward to officially starting it June 8th.
It included habits I wanted to start such as walk the dog, healthy skin, gym, vitamins.. things I knew I was going to have time to do.
I also had a To Do list that consisted of- see a drive in movie, go tubing, learn new songs on the ukulele, see friends, take lots of pictures, drink fruity drinks and wine, watch all the Liam Neeson movies, at least one day a week don't leave the house, see a drive in movie, read lots of books and many more.  Many things that were on my #40by40 list

That ALL changed this summer! So.. yes, I had a nice glass of wine almost every evening with dinner, I did read a ton of books.. but beyond that.. I was not able to check off much of my list.

But, this summer did bring a new list.  It brought one of changes and new beginnings (and I will admit it.. a TON of stress)

At the end of May we had the opportunity to move to a new house. In the middle of  June, I had the opportunity to move positions.  You can find out more about both of those moves here.

So, my summer of me.. of checking things off my bucket list didn't really happen.  I wanted to make some amazing memories, and I did.. just in a way that I wasn't ready for.  This summer was about me, but me making major life changes! 

So, summer is over (I went back to school on the 1st of August).  I didn't see as many friends as I wanted, I didn't have weekly jam sessions, I didn't take lots of pictures.. BUT, I did find places to make new memories!  I have even more to work on next summer!

Bring on the new school year, new adventures and new memories!