Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tech Bulletin Board

A couple of weeks ago our Destination ImagiNation teams were working on team names for their groups this year.  One of our team managers grabbed a sticky note to write our team name... and we all LOVE DI, but I do have to admit.. this is pretty fantastic!

Anyway, I posted several pictures a few weeks ago about my giant bulletin board I have outside my classroom.. and wanted to share what I do with it.

My board is divided into 3 sections- Solve, Connect and Tech Words and Info

The solve corner has a monthly challenge for students to complete along with a graph.  I invite students to draw a slip of paper from their grade level, answer the question using the graph, and then add it to the answer envelope.  The graph changes every other week.  I then divide the correct answers by grade level and draw one winner (they get some trinket from my prize box)

The Connect portion of the board has a giant map and each time a class connects their class name goes on the roster with how many miles it is from our school.

The tech words that I chose for this month was the app I was training teachers about and also a word from the technology TEKS (both of these were also involved in the solve challenge) The info also has the monthly challenge for teachers and will also have information for students.

Tomorrow I am training students for the Flight Crew (this will be my tech kids that will be in charge of laptops for the classroom) and next week I will be starting the Flight Program.  Lots coming up!

Do you have a bulletin board for your tech?  What do you showcase on it?  Do you train elementary students to help with computers?  Do you have clubs for technology?