Sunday, November 5, 2017

#40by40 Update!

Hello Fabulous Friends! I know that I have been MIA, but that is because I am trying to get through this LAST semester of grad school! Graduation is just around the corner (YAY!!)  Not going to lie.. October was one of the toughest months in awhile (librarian certification exam, graduation portfolio, an ER visit because of a crazy bloody nose (not mine!) and a totaled car) BUT.. no worries.. we are all on the mend!

#7 Go on a Ghost Tour.
During TXLA in San Antonio, I had a chance to go on a Ghost Tour that started at the Alamo. Not going to lie.. it was awesome... but it was ROUGH! I had just hurt my ankle a couple of days before so I was on a knee scooter. Thanks to Skye, I was able to make it, but it was a lot of work!

#8. Go to Canyon with Elaine.
July 4th weekend, Elaine and I loaded up the car and headed towards Canyon! We had a ton of fun exploring and taking a TON of pictures!

#15 Get 3 Tattoos.  I got my first one.. and hoping as a graduation gift I get my other two.
#25 and #26 Learn to make Mom's biscuits and dad's gravy.  I learned how to make it when Elaine and I went to Canyon.. and I have since then tried my hand at it.  The biscuits weren't as fluffy.. and the gravy was a little lumpy.. but OMG it smelled and tasted just like home! I can't wait to make them again!

#32 Learn to play a song on the guitar.  I am editing this one.. because.. let's be real.. it is never going to happen.  My husband is an avid guitar and drum player.  I have tried SO hard to be interested in the guitar.. but it just hasn't happened! Over the years my hubby has bought me 2 guitars and a mandolin.. and I have tried for a bit, but it never worked.  HOWEVER.. at the beginning of this year, I got a ukulele.. AND I LOVE IT!!!! This is Stella (after Stellaluna the book) Since I got her, I have been using her in the library during kindergarten story.. and have a slew of songs that I am able to play.  I am soon going to be using her with my Girl Scout troop.. and I am actually working on a grant to get some uke's in the library!
Excited about November.. and all the adventures I am about to have as I will have some time after grad school!