Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Holiday Traditions

This month has been a tough month of not doing very well at the adulting thing. It has put into perspective (my word of the year) what I find most important/meaningful during the holiday season. Cue the Where are You Christmas

Things that make my heart happy during the holiday season:
1. Crafting. This marked my 16th year of creating ornaments for all the staff on campus. Although this takes time.. it is one of my FAVORITE things to do! I don't know if people keep them.. and I am okay with that. It makes me uber happy to put items in boxes.  I also love crafting and creating in general.  
Ornaments for teachers this year

I created reindeer headbands for our crew.
2. Being around friends and family.
My awesome work crew!

Our little family
3. Being a part of different experiences around the holiday season.
Most of Troop 1810 Caroling 

My first late night in the library in middle school

Walking in the parade with the Girl Scouts
I was even interviewed for the City of Irving short news story.

I am sure you are saying.. Andrea.. you started this blog with you didn't adult very well.. and you are trying to find Christmas.  Because, although I seem to have it together for the most part, it doesn't always happen.  I got everything that I wanted to accomplished this month.. but it felt more like it was just my regular habits, and not really the reason for the season of giving and love. I might have been a little more Grinchy to people.

My plans this week were changed because of my adulting choices.. But because of these changes my perspective shifted.  My perspective shifted back to why I do things.  My perspective shifted to who I surround myself with.  This last week was TOUGH, but I have never felt more love than I do right now. I have also had some things taken off my shoulders, and has allowed me to relax (and required me) to slow down.

I have decided next year for the holiday seasons.. 
I am going Back to Basics! I know I do the ornaments every year.. but growing up my family made things for family and friends. I LOVE creating.. and I am going to create and make items for next year.  I am also going to enjoy the season.  One thing I love doing and haven't done lately is take pictures.  So, next year I am inviting myself to various holiday traditions (parades/cookie making/church services/celebrations) and anything that people will allow me to join and document.  

To those that I surround myself with.. thank you for being there for me.  To my husband that puts up with me.. I love you more than you know. To my parents that are beside 100% This Manys! To my troop that lets me have an extended family.. thank you for allowing me in! 

I look forward to 2019 and all the adventures and perspectives it might bring!