Sunday, December 13, 2015

Think Out Be Light

5 days.. 5 more school days until I have a break!
This month I have checked several things off my list...
-completing my application to TWU for Masters of Library Science
-decorating/participating in the Irving Holiday Parade
-Leader/daughter social for the Irving Girl Scouts

BUT.. yesterday afternoon.. I was able to check off the Think Out Be Light Event.
I participated in this event last year, and jumped at the opportunity to participate again.
This weekend made me sit back and remember that no matter how busy my schedule.. no matter what I am doing..that I can be a part of something so much bigger.

Think out Be Light was put on by Elisia Magazine and featured models that had various abilities. I mean.. how can you not love this!?!  All of these beautiful models are from the Notre Dame School

I packed up my Jamberry items and headed to UNT Dallas so I could be one of the vendors.  This time, however, not only was I a vendor... I got to do all the nails for the models!  I had so much fun pampering these girls.  I purchased one of the new Jamberry Celebration boxes which had enough wraps for all the girls to have 2 accent nails... and they all walked away with a party favor.  Now, don't worry, once they had their accent nails done they got to choose which lacquer they wanted to finish up their manicure.

This isn't a Jamberry blog though (well it kind of If it wasn't for Jamberry I wouldn't have ever met Feleceia Benton.. and her amazing friends such as Arian Nicole and the rest of the crew.

This is the season where we often forget how important it is to be good to our neighbors.  To make a difference in someones life. Now, don't think that you have to do something outrageous.. but do you know how far a smile goes?  Have you told the local police officer that you appreciate them?  Have you taken a moment of your day to hold the door open or give a compliment?

The Think out Be Light event was that reminder that every person that you come in contact with is beautiful inside and out.. and deserves every opportunity to succeed and be important.  

I didn't get pictures of this wonderful evening because I was too busy clapping and cheering for these models as they strutted their stuff down the runway.  I also walked away with such a happy heart.

I love being able to support local events, communities and organizations.  I currently have a fundraiser open for The Notre Dame School (where part of the proceeds go to the Notre Dame School)   If you are interested in placing an order this party closes on December 22nd, 2015.

Are you thinking out and being light to those around you?