Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paraprofessional Week

At the first of January our school celebrated Paraprofessional week.  I think that every staff member that works with all students is important.  Often times I think that we forget about how important paraprofessionals are.  Having a paraprofessional week was the perfect way for me to show my appreciation to our AMAZING staff!

I did a little something each day (and thanks to pinterest.. I think they turned out pretty cute!)
anti bacterial handsoap-remove the label-found some pretty stickers

found these cute buckets at Target and filled them with hugs and kisses

Loved this idea! Stuffed a water bottle with lemonade packets.
The note inside says thanks for being a great "ade" to the class

These baskets were from the special ed staff to all of the paraprofessionals.
Inside were hugs and kisses, fun socks, and fingernail polish

I ended the week with these.  Brought my Lucy and Lopez a sonic drink and giftcard.
The picture in the back is my Favorite idea! I gave each student a letter to hold that spelled out Thank You!
We went around the school and took the pictures.  I made big ones for my personal paraprofessionals, bu
printed off 5x7's for all of the other paraprofessionals.

 How do you celebrate the staff that you work with? Do you have any fantastic ideas? I am always looking for fun ways to remind people that they are amazing!
Newest addition to my door!

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