Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magnificent- #Quest2Matter and Movie-Spring Cleaning Monday!

Magnificent Monday is all about Choosing 2 Matter!  I have had the opportunity to guest blog for Tim Holt.  I of course had to talk about International Dot Day and #Choose2Matter.  I so agree that it is so very important to remind those around us that they are important, but also continue students and adults alike to make their mark in this world.  Angela Maiers is on another mission and this one is MAGNIFICENT!


 "The Quest2Matter will spread the "You Matter" message to millions of students around the world   and inspire them to act to change our world." from the Student Launcher Quest2Matter site
As I look around at the students that I come into contact with from teaching, Destination ImagiNation, Girl Scouts and the various other activities I am involved in... I hope that I have taught them one very important thing.  That is to have manners.  Not just please and thank you, but manners of being kind to one another and reminding others they are important.  I think this is why #Choose2Matter and #DotDay hit such a chord in my heart (and have for some time now)  Each one of us is faced with so many hardships.. ones that might not be a hardship to others.. but a hardship none the less.  We all need encouragement.  #Quest2Matter is giving students the opportunity to share with others that They Matter.
"The Quest2Matter is a five-week, student-focused initiative that seeks to inspire students to tackle problems that break their heart. This is an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the potential of students to think entrepreneurially and innovatively and use modern tools to solve problems that break their heart."
As the website says, it is a beginning.. but not an ending.  The world is hard, and it is only going to get harder.  If we can remind others that they are important, but also encourage students to make a change. It doesn't matter what age you want to change the world.. you just need to do it!  Thank you Angela for sharing something so very important and encouraging others to do the same- #YouMatter

Want to know more? Introducing Quest2Matter
How can you help? Check out the Student Launcher Page
Want to be a student intern? Quest2Matter

Have you reminded anyone lately that they matter? Do you know a student that this would be perfect for?

I couldn't miss a movie Monday! This week is all about spring cleaning. You can find more information on my upcoming blog for the Follett Software Company.  You can also check out some of my other blogs while you are there.

This week my movie is over Spring Cleaning!  Our school is going through renovation this summer, so we have to have everything moved out by the day after the last day of school!  I am an organizer anyway, but what better motivation to clean and your organize your room than moving.

Are you spring cleaning?  What are your tips?

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