Sunday, April 27, 2014

Spring #DENVirtCon

Wow! These weeks are just flying by!  I can't believe that it is almost the end of  the year.  I have already started making a list of the things that I want to do during the summer... and even more.. I have started making a list of the things I want to do with kids next year!  I have to say.. to keep myself organized I am loving my Uncalendar-

Anyway, yesterday I participated in my 3rd DENvirtcon (Discover Education Network Virtual Conference)... but it was my First to present!  I presented over Are You up for the Challenge and shared how I am using Tech challenges for teachers, classrooms and students.  Would you like all my resources.. check out my Livebinder
During my session I proposed a #DENvirtcon Mission!  One of my favorite challenges I have done with adults is from Wesley Fryer is the 5 Photo Story- Find out about it here
Check out some people that took on the challenge!
Thanks Dayson

Thanks Louise
I also had a Smore submitted by Jeannine Shields

Loved that people took on the challenge and did it their own way!

I hosted an event at my school, picked up donuts had out the DEN Swag and got ready for an AWESOME day of learning!
Top 3 reasons I love the DENvirtcon
3. I get to choose my own learning... and on my own time!  There were SO many amazing sessions offered.  My weekends get so busy.. so I love that I can require myself to get some amazing PD.  I could watch a Live event.. or choose to watch an archived one.
2. The people I get to meet!  It is awesome to hangout with people face 2 face, but I also love that I can collaborate with people virtually.  Check out the #DENvirtcon hashtag for some great conversations!
The number 1 reason I love the #DENvirtcon
1. The INSPIRATION I get from hearing from other people that are in my shoes.. and doing some awesome things!

You can find all of the archived sessions at and there are some AWESOME ones!

Best way to start the day.. donuts and swag!

I was ready for my preso!

One of my favorite speakers! I LOVE the stories that Elaine Plybon shares

Thanks for the awesome lunch!
The Irving F2F crew

Thank you to all the DEN crew and a HUGE thank you goes out to Steve Dembo and Chad Lehman for answering all of my crazy silly questions and putting on a great day!  Even though there were a few tech glitches.. that gave our f2f group time to discuss the different things we had learned... and an opportunity to catch up on the Twitter feed (which was FLYING!)  Thanks for the lunch, learning and fun!   I can't wait until next year!

Did you attend the #DENvirtcon?  What was your big take away?

Not going to lie.. biggest highlight of the day- Jane McGonigal favorited one of my tweets. and then responded to it!
Love her book Reality is Broken- Why Games Make us Better and How They Can Change the World

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