Sunday, July 23, 2017


Summer is very soon coming to an end.  Okay well the summer is actually not over, but I head back to school in just a week.  I have LOTS to do this next week!

Every year I have a word.  This last my word was Explore, and man did I do that! I explored a new job role, I explored working and going to school at the same time, and I explored how to live life in general.  My new role as a librarian is one of the best jobs ever! Last year was so amazing in my new role, but it was also a tough one.  I had to learn how to juggle a new role and still keep on the things that I love doing (Destination ImagiNation, Girl Scouts, volunteering in general)  There were several things that I dropped the ball on, but I already know how I am going to do things differently next year.. and let's be real, it is going to be okay if things don't always go as planned..right??? (I have to keep reminding myself of that)

In May, I lost an amazing friend who taught me so much. As people were posting pictures of rainbows in remembrance, I grabbed a picture of my own that next week and realized what I wanted my word to be.  Seek.
This year my focus is going to be Seek calmness, Seek time for myself, Seek time to do things that I enjoy (which includes photography and crafting!)Seek to provide friendship and love to those I encounter.  I am going to be intentional in my interactions.

I wanted to share some of the vigil that Mary (Kylie's mom) shared during her vigil.  It has really stuck with me, and this year, I plan to Seek and remember do things like Kylie.

"She loved name tags and calling people by their name, and usually remembering it the next time she saw you. She brightened a young man's day at Wendy's by calling him by name. His response with a
smile was "wow nobody every calls me by name when they order".
Remember it's the little things in life pass it on.
She had a firm handshake, strong hug and always wanted to know your name.
Remember to greet others.
She loved to pray.
Remember to pray for others.
She had a contagious laugh that sometime she just could not control.
Remember to laugh everyday.
She loved walking the dogs, and visiting with the people in the neighborhood, and knowing all the dogs names and their owners in the neighborhood.
Remember to be a good neighbor.
She loved her school friends, teachers and administrators, and had her special relationship with each of them whether it was a fist bump, wink or the same old saying each time they met.
Remember others may be having a bad day be kind.
She loved babies and would always compliment the family and say "oh what a cute baby" Remember compliments go a long way.
She loved making craft and handing them out. I hope the lucky ones who received one will always cherish it, and
Remember small gestures go a long way."
Thank you Mary for sharing these words!

I hope that you have a word of the year, one that keeps you motivated.  I have my Seek as my screen saver on my phone and computer desktop.   🌈  I look forward to another year in the library and another year of learning.  Now, I am not going to lie.. I am looking forward to that December graduation!

Side note- I am going to craft a TON more this year.. because I joined Stampin' Up!

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  1. It is so very intentional, to seek. I can't wait to see what you find this year in your seeking!