Saturday, May 12, 2018

Teacher Appreciation 2018

We just finished up Teacher Appreciation week.  I know that I am always looking for ideas (and.. I do already have an idea for next year!)  I have written about our 80's Teacher Appreciation here and our Hollywood Week here.  This I helped with Teacher Appreciation Week and our Girl Scout Volunteer Awards event.  (LOTS of pictures, but I have to admit... when I am looking at ideas for what I want to do, I look at pictures to get ideas)
This year our theme was Elliott Teachers are the Best in the World!  Each day we traveled to a different location.
At the beginning of the week I invited staff to explore new world with a new book.

Have I mentioned how much I love using Piktochart?  I absolutely love using the website and use it so many different ways!
Decorations were super easy.  We had paper airplanes, suitcases, and globes

The first day we traveled to France- also known as Sonic.  Our principal took groups of teachers during their planning to get a fountain drink.  YES PLEASE!! Speed of sound was discovered in France.

Tuesday was Sweden with a Spa Day.  Our amazing parent liaison and parent volunteers transformed this room into a spa room.  All the staff was pampered with Mary Kay items!  You can check out Sandra Hall for your Mary Kay needs.  One of my habits on my bucket list for this summer is to take better care of my skin.. so I splurged and got some great products!  

On Wednesday we traveled to Mexico.  Our PTO did a great job of putting on a "Nacho" ordinary nacho bar.  The food was AMAZING!!!!
 Wednesday we traveled to a Galaxy Far Far Away during our Staff meeting.  We had Princess Lays, Yoda Soda, Vador-ade, and Darth Vador told us to come to the dark side because there were cookies.

Thursday was to England with tea, coffee and breakfast

Check out these awesome personalized cups that we each got!

Friday was back to America.  The Masons who always support our staff grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for us!
I LOVED traveling all over the world!
For our Volunteer Appreciation event it was Irving Girl Scouts are "Nacho" Ordinary volunteers
Made this one using Canva (another one of my favorite websites to use!)
For the volunteer appreciation we had a nacho bar and had the attendees bring desserts to share.  We awarded volunteers with various awards (I even got a 10 year pin for being a 10 year volunteer!)
Nacho Ordinary Girl Scout- celebrating the girls who were graduating, earning Silver and Gold Awards

You are on Fire! Each volunteer walked away with a door prize and a box of hot tamales and red hots
It was a GREAT and busy week.. although I think that I write about every busy week.. I am the busy bee!
Hubby surprised me with these on teacher appreciation day! 
There was a dinosaur in school on Friday! Prentice is an AWESOME teacher.. and I LOVED that she dressed up like a dinosaur.  Her sign said- Ask me why I am a dinosaur.  It then read: Almost all of my students met their MAP goal and are DINO-MITE and it is teacher appreciation week and I will do what I want!

Tucker gave me a super cute gnome- There is "Gnome" I would rather work with.
Finishing out May strong with end of the year Girl Scout Troop activity, one more ukulele performance, buy one get one free book fair, state testing, ATPE banquet... oh.. and closing down a library for the end of the year!

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