Sunday, July 22, 2018

Letter Board

The past couple of years I have seen SUPER cute letter boards all over my Facebook feed during the holidays.  For my birthday this last year I was gifted a Joann's gift card and was SO excited to finally purchase one of my own.  Okay, I lied.. I actually purchased 2. I purchased the tall one for in the kitchen and the smaller one for my office.  (I have since then purchased one more for school.. and the several different letters)

This is in reference to the Meat Loaf song I Would Do Anything for Love

This is the smaller one that will stay in my office. 

I am sure that there are tons of brands out there, but I am suing DCWV.  You can find it at Joann's and Michaels.  Each board came with 188 characters (I believe that these both came with white letters) I purchased a white board for school which came with black letters.  I discovered 2 things very quickly...
1. If I want to write longer quotes, I needed more than what came with the package.
2. I needed to keep them organized! That is a LOT of letters.

I found containers at Michaels in the jewelry section.  All of these are plastic pieces that pop into the main letter board.  Not only can you purchase letters, but you can also purchase words and icons.
The organizer for school.

All of the words that I have so far, this is something that I need to get organized better

All the various icons. I have them sorted by the different packets they came in.

I love this organizer! Although the boards came with white letters, I also purchased a pinkish set and also a mint set. I have these sorted by letters only.

The stash before it was completely organized.

Unboxing all the goodies that I ordered from Joann's that I couldn't find in the store. You can find the live Facebook video here.

I have spent at TON of time pinning different quotes that I would like to add to the letter board.  Now.. not all of them are school appropriate, see the one above about wine and dinner being a winner. I have 3 boards I have created.  One for ideas, one that I have completed, and ones that are school appropriate.  You can find my Pinterest board here.

I have purchased DCWV from Joann's both in the store and online.   They are also available at Michaels, Target and Amazon.

I am just found this cuteness from Heidi Swapp and will be checking to see if it will work on my letterboards that I have.

I plan to change the one in the kitchen weekly.  It is time consuming, but I have also enjoyed changing it out weekly.  The one my office, I probably will not change as often and will more than likely be more motivational (or about wine)

Do you have a letter board?  I am excited to use this in the library for advertisement for events, book quotes, or motivational quotes.

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