Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Busy Bee has Moved

I know that I ended my last post that there would be a video coming, well... I lied.  Since my last update our district has added some new classrooms.  So, this past week I transferred my classroom from Stipes Elementary to Elliott Elementary.  Although I am UBER excited to start a new adventure, I have a heavy heart leaving my friends at Stipes and some of my students.  Being in such a specialized unit allows me to get very close to students and their families.  I have some that are moving with me, but others I will have let them make a change too.  My Dad sent me this wonderful quote:
 "Change does not change tradition. It strengthens it. Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat."
- Prince Phillip of England

Wow! What a Powerful quote!  I spend so much of my time working with my students on accepting changes in their schedule who knew how hard it would be to accept change in my own.  As teachers we become such creatures of habit and the schedule. So, here is my new change.  I wonder if I should write my own social story about When there is a Change.  

To keep up with my friends from my old school and my old students we are already working on the idea of pen pals, book buddies, and video conferencing.  

So, once I find my floor again (see picture above) I Promise I will have a video.  I have new ideas and thoughts I want to share this year!  

I leave you with this quote.   There are many teachers that have been misplaced, that are starting new jobs, that are looking for jobs, and that are making changes.

"Wherever we are, it is but a stage on the way to somewhere else, and whatever we do, however well we do it, it is only a preparation to do something else that shall be different."
- Robert Louis Stevenson

Want more great quotes?  Like my parents Facebook page for the Buffalo Bookstore in Canyon, Texas.


  1. Too bad about your floor, but you did just move classrooms so that's to be expected. Anyway, good to hear from you. Good luck on this new adventure.

  2. I am sure you will help your new students excel and that you will be seen as a powerful force in your new school! As I always hear from other entrepreneurs: "every challenge presents an opportunity" :)