Thursday, September 15, 2011

Alphabet Work Center

Our district is in the second year of using the Unique Learning System Curriculum, and I LOVE IT!  Being a teacher with students with multiple abilities it makes it tough sometimes to lesson plan.  Unique covers the different bands of curriculum, but has it modified for different levels of learners.  Each  month focuses on a different theme.  I am beginning to make different independent work stations for my classroom. Each month there are also spelling words.  At the first of the month we begin to go over these spelling words.  For my students that are non-verbal I have an voice output device that I use with the per-recorded words.  I have the support in place for my verbal students depending on skill level.  The alphabet station has a copy of the words and an alphabet board.  The station also includes directions on how to complete the center that I produced in boardmaker.  Students are invited to go the station and place each word with the correct letter it begins with.  

I am excited about some of the other stations that I am setting up!  Stay tuned!  Oh, and guess what.. my students tweeted today.  What a great way for students to think about what they have done!  More on that later!

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