Saturday, October 22, 2011

Do You Wonder?

Do you wonder about things as a class or as a family?  Have you checked out Wonderopolis? for their wonder of the day? Our class has been using Wonderopolis for the wonder of the day during our closing meeting. The format is fabulous and so easy to modify depending on the learning! There is a wonder that poses a question with an attention getting picture.  What a great conversation starter.  There is also a video to go with the wonder.  Not only is there a video, but there is also great starters ie. Have you ever wondered...  Once we have wondered as a class it has information on how to answer the and some great vocabulary to use!

So, here is my try at a wonder (now, it is totally modified)
The Busy Bee Wonder #1
Why does it thunder after lightening?

Peterson, Jane. thunderheadatsunset.jpg. February, 2005. Pics4Learning. 22 Oct 2011 <>
Why does it thunder after lightening?

Have you ever wondered:
-Why does it thunder after lightening? 
-What does thunder look like?
-Can you have thunder without lightening.

Did you Know:

A Fantastic Website for information on Thunder.

Try it out:

Try to make rain like the video above.

Wonder Words To Know:

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