Sunday, April 1, 2012

How Powerful is a PLN?

I have to admit, I am pretty lucky in the people that I know and have connected with over the last several years.  I am even luckier to have a huge PLN (professional learning network) to call on whenever I have a question or need something. For example, last week I plurked ( that I was looking for an author to either skype in or come visit us for CARE Day at school (a day where we celebrate authors and readers)  With budget cuts in schools everyone is looking for different ways to bring in the same type of learning, but on a different budget.  I was SO excited to get several replies back in less than a few minutes.  I can't wait until May to see how the day plays out!

So, today I was SUPER excited to get an email from my friend Kevin on helping support a school's theater arts program.  Now, I am just a teacher.... and do not have any money contributions to make, but I am GOOD at getting the word out! 

Here is a little background (a follow up blog will be coming next weekend... when I actually get a chance to skype in and talk to him more.. who knows where this might lead for my class!)  David Dublis works in Union High School in Grand Rapids, MI.  Like many educators he has many hats he wears.  He is the Instructional Technology Specialist, Drama Director, and Basketball Announcer.  The coolest thing about David... is he is putting on a play!  I know, I know.. some schools do this every year... but for David's school this will be the first time in 3 years.  Read Kevin's Blog about it- The Play is the Thing

Many classrooms blog so they can have a wider audience.  Many classrooms take virtual field trips because it it might be the only chance for them to be transported from the classroom.  As teachers we do these different things to help promote learning, get to a wider audience, and most importantly for continued authentic learning.  I am always looking for other educators that are wanting to think outside the box and not only connect themselves through PLN's, but also connect their students to other learners.

So, here is my question for my PLN.  Do you have any connections when it comes to props, costumes, or lighting?  Can you friend David on Twitter?  What kind of connections do you use for your classroom to continue the learning?

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