Sunday, April 29, 2012

ETA Cuisenaire Color Tiles

Okay, okay.. I know I haven't blogged in a while.  I am sure that you have missed me tons!  Or, at least I hope you have.  March and April were SUCH busy months!  Between traveling to Washington D.C., Chicago, STAAR-alt testing and STAAR testing it has been non-stop (and secretary's day was in there too.. will share what our kiddos did in this blog!)

Recently I was shipped some AWESOMELY cool and fun manipulatives from ETA Cuisenaire.  With all of the traveling and other craziness I am just now breaking into the kit!  So, I wanted to share the super fun things I have done just with the color tiles alone (more blogs to come soon!)  In my classroom I am always looking for items that are hands on, but more importantly serve many different purposes.  These little tiles are Fantastic, and my students have loved using them already!

Pulled out color buckets and have students sort the colors tiles into the correct color container

Sorting is important, but so is matching.  This activity I started with one color and they had to match a color to it.  As we have progressed I now lay out all 4 colors and give the student one color to match. 

Great for patterning! Have students continue on a pattern or create their own.

The tiles can be used as counters to complete addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problems.

These are only a few things I have done so far! 
Some more ideas:
-use the color tiles to fill in graphs and have students answer questions
-write words on the different tiles and have students create sentences (have yellow ones be verbs, blue be nouns, green be adjectives and so on)
-bury tiles in a sensory bucket and have students find them and sort/graph/chart answer questions about what they found
-use them to create fractions

The ideas are ENDLESS!  What are your ideas to use color tiles for?

So, I want to end on Secretary's Day.  I get some of the BEST ideas from Pinterest!
Check out these cute bouquets!  Each one has 10 pencils stuck into a flower pot.  Each pencil has a foam flower on top.  Great way for hands to help making the flowers by punching holes in the middle and putting on a pencil.
Next up is Nurses Day, what do you do to show your appreciation?

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