Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Brain is Full- A Few Reflections

I finished up my first two days of my district's summer institute.  I have 2 more days left! Tomorrow I am even presenting a session over using a blog as a communication tool for the classroom.  This summer I have had a chance to really reflect on who I am and where I hope to go.  I have been looking for inspirational quotes lately, and my awesome friend Shawn posted this one today, and I just thought it was pretty perfect for all of my reflections right now.

This past year I have taken a TON of chances.  I work in a school district that allows me to do that.  I also work with some awesome parents and people that let me try out crazy new things!  I also know that I make a ton mistakes, but that I am really good at saying sorry.  The last line pretty much sums up how I feel right now.  Always be you... and be okay with it.

Things I have learned about myself:
-I LOVE traveling, but only for about 3 or 4 days at a time.  I also like things to go smooth and I don't like being stuck in airports.
-I LOVE presenting!  I love it because I am able to talk about different things that I am passionate about, but even more because I am able to connect with other really cool people.
-I think the most important thing I have learned about myself is.. I am always going to be me.. and when I try to be someone different I am VERY UNHAPPY!  I am always going to be the person that has my door open to help answer any questions.  I can't be mad at people (and hopefully some of my friends will forgive me for thinking that I was mad at them.. but in reality I wasn't.. just had to figure that out myself) I am always going to be an overachiever.  I am extremely passionate in whatever I set my mind too.
-I LOVE that I surround myself with strong people that have kind hearts and souls.  Thank you for helping my heart as you always do.
-I LOVE my parents for being the support that I always need and my husband for being right there next to me pushing me forward.
-My last AHA moment is one that is tougher for me.  10 years ago, I began teaching and had the assistive technology specialist bring me an intellikeys keyboard.  That is when I knew that I wanted to be an assistive technology specialist.  I worked, I presented, I got my masters, and I have continually pushed myself towards a goal that I thought would be perfect for me.  With different things that have happened this summer.. I don't know if that is the journey I will be taking.  I am a planner.. so that that is kind of a tough realization.  But in the mean time I am going to keep connecting and being the passionate teacher I am.  Because if I was something different I wouldn't be myself.

"There are only two options regarding commitment.  You're either IN or you're OUT.  There's no such thing as life in-between."
- Pat Riley-

Do you have any quotes that are your must haves?  What AHA moments have you had this summer?   


  1. Here is one that got me through high school and I've found it helpful ever since: "We often grow more by bending with the wind than by standing in rigid defiance." - J. Stephens

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts!

  3. Hi Andrea! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would be happy to add you to the Texas Teacher Blog List! Hope your year gets of to a great start!

    Teaching with Moxie