Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tech Challenges

I wrote back in the first of August how I wanted to create Tech Challenges.  You can find that blog here.  I was inspired by so many people!  Such as Dave Tchozewski, Amy Mayer, Nancy Mangum, Angelyn Cheatham, Jessica Branch, Aimee Bartis and SO many more!  I just knew I was going to start these in October.

Well, it ended up being the end of October when I dipped my foot in to the Tech Challenge mode (just been a little busy getting everything figured out!)

Please feel free to use my ideas (but do credit back.. I have spent a bit of time on these getting them started)

Teachers had about 4 days to create and send me their posters.  I put little treats in their boxes today if they took the challenge!

Today I sent an email to staff with my first Tech Challenges.  I know that not everyone is going to participate...but I know that I enjoyed creating them and I can't wait to help teachers accomplish them.

Each month there will be 4 challenges.  
Non-Negotiable- This challenge will be something that is either required by the school, or required by the district.
Science based
Web 2.0 Tool
Data Driven

The challenges are fun, but there are prizes involved too! Each challenge has a specific logo that will be attached to a certificate that I created.

Complete the 1 Non-Negotiable- logo for the certificate
Complete 2 challenges-Logos and some goodies in their box (I am contacting the companies that our challenges are about to see if they will send swag for me to give to teachers)
Complete 3 challenges-logos, goodies in the  box and a free jeans pass
Complete all 4 challenges- logos, goodies in your box, a free jeans pass and I will take the class for 30 minutes!

If all 4 are completed the names will go in a drawing and there will be one winner chosen each month that will get an hour lunch.

Now, I don't just have awesome teachers on staff... I have some pretty amazing support staff (paraprofessionals) that I think we sometimes forget about.  I decided that I wanted them to have 1 challenge a month too.  This challenge will be somewhat like a challenge a teacher has, but I know that there are time constraints that are involved.

If they complete their challenge they earn a free jeans pass.  For every 2 they earn I will cover their lunch duty for 30 minutes.

I love that my principal is on board with this!  I am also excited that hopefully with a little nudging even more technology will be used.  I have already enjoyed meeting with teachers and even doing some co-teaching!

Want to see what the challenges are for the month of November?  Check them out here.

How do you get your teachers excited about using tech. What supports do you put in place to have both teachers and students be successful?

My goal is... even if a teacher does not do a challenge, that possibly their way of thinking changes a little bit.  I work with some pretty amazing teachers!

I leave you with a product from my first tech challenge.  This one was submitted by my school nurse!

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