Monday, November 4, 2013

New Adventure (A Not so Techy Blog)

I am the first one to admit I probably have over 50 different nail polishes in my closet.  I didn't ever paint my nails, but my toenails were ALWAYS painted!  Ever so often I had a gift so I could get my nails done (but that was always a special treat)  This past summer I was at a local conference and ran across a Jamberry Nails booth.  I skimmed through the catalog and look book that the consultant had and exchanged information.  A few weeks later I ordered my first set of Jamberry Nails and I haven't looked back!

Jamberry has created the newest, most affordable and long lasting way to accessorize fingers or toes. Jamberry nail wraps are a solid film covering that can be applied directly to the nail to achieve a look not found anywhere else. This special material is both pressure and heat activated to create a watertight bond to your nail. The film is finished with a high gloss protective layer that prevents your nail wrap from chipping or scuffing.
This new nail treatment can be applied in just fifteen minutes at home on your own or with family and friends. With over 300 styles available, these designer nail wraps are made to last up to 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. With Jamberry nail wraps, achieving a salon look that was once reserved only to the professionals is now simple, affordable, and available to women everywhere through our growing network of consultants." 
Northern Flare
Things I LOVE about Jamberry
-They are affordable!  They have a special of buy 3 get one 1 free... which is only around $45!
-They look great on fingers and toes.  Each sheet can do 2 manicures and 2 pedicures
-They are super easy to put on!  All you need is a blow dryer (I do enjoy the Jamberry Heater much more though!)
-I love that there is no drying time.
-I love that when you take off the nail it doesn't kill your nail (I take mine off with baby oil)

This last weekend I had a chance to attend the Dallas Regional Conference where I learned even more about the company.  It was so inspiring to hear all of the stories of how being a Jamberry Independent Consultant had changed lives of these people.  Not only that, but it is based out of the USA and created by a family following their own dreams!

Team Cute Nails

Do you want to know more, purchase, or host a party.. let me know.  You can order directly from my site at   You can also check out my personal Facebook page where I will hold various contests and post information on specials and upcoming fashion! This new endeavor is going to help pay for various meds as we try to grow our family (but you can read more about my personal story here) 

Part of Team Cute Nails with members from the Jamberry Home Office

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