Monday, February 17, 2014

Movie Monday- Affinity

My Movie Monday is a little different this month.  This has been one crazy busy year (wait.. do I say that every year?)  So, before I get to far ahead.. the movie:

This year I have really taken on the whole idea of Game Based Learning.  I have been listening to/reading Reality is Broken: Why Games Make us Better and How They can Change the World by Jane McGonigal and I am gaining so many new ideas.  I started the Tech Challenges with Teachers... I still don't have the biggest following, but I am okay with that.  I have 4-5 teachers that really participate.  When I have been going into classrooms I have been making mini missions for the students and it seems to keep me on track and them also (still tweaking these)  Through all of this.. I have also grown and realized what needs to be worked on and what is working (now, is everything going to be perfect.. I would hope not! If it was then I would lose my sense of motivation)  As I began to work with my Flight Program students (I open my lab at 7am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for students that are interested to come in and research whatever project they would like to learn about and then learn a new website or app) I realized how much fun the students were having doing projects on their own when given a chance to explore.

I spent the first part of February at TCEA (now.. this idea of a school wide game had been on my brain) where I found inspiration from a few of my friends (of course.. I did not get all the pictures I wanted! What was I thinking) But I had a chance to pick Elaine's brain on the whole ride home (and thankful she helped talk me through so much of this!)! So.. the game Affinity was born!

 Affinitya natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc.

I have a large bulletin board outside of my computer lab.  I cut out about 100 squares and made the bulletin board to look like a gameboard.
The spaces look like floppy disks
Full gameboard
As students move across the board the challenges will get more complex, so they will "Level Up" 

If a student lands on a power up card they will win a small prize 
Goal is to become a Techmaster and make it to the Cloud

 I have my gameboard set up, and now I am working on the website.  I get super busy, so I am trying to make it where it is manageable.  You can check out the Affinity website.  To begin playing the Affinity game students must complete 2 tasks.
1. Email me
2. Comment on one of our blogs
Once these 2 tasks have been completed they will have a chance to create an avatar and get the first secret code for Challenge 1.

It took a little coding on my end, but I wanted to make each challenge password protected. This way students would want to complete a challenge to get the code.  Each student playing must complete the first five challenges.  These challenges will focus on sharing Google Docs, Citing images correctly, creating presentations and creating a Google Form.  All tools that every student has access to.  Once they have "Leveled Up" on Challenge 5 they will have a chance to spin the wheel to move them either 1-3 spaces.  Some of the Challenges that students open up will be "Detours" such as Lost WiFi connection- move back one space.. Oh No, you ran out of charge move back 3 spaces.  Some of the challenges will also be ones that require the students to collaborate with others.

I plan to also have a Leaderboard Page- depending on how many students I have playing- everyone might not fit on the board at the same time.

I have almost finished up the first 5 Challenges. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Canva? It was instrumental in designing my "gameboard"

Do you use Games in your classroom or school?  What is your motivation behind it?  Do you have any go to resources for Gaming in the Classroom or School? I am pretty stinking excited that in just a couple of weeks I will be at SXSWedu presenting on Beyond the Gameboard- Digital Gaming in the K-3 Classroom


  1. This is such an awesome idea - so blessed to have been able to be witness to your brainstorming process, then seeing it all come into reality! Good luck!

  2. This idea is awesome! What kind of challenges do you use on your Affinity Gameboard? I teach Technology at a 5th and 6th grade building. We just got Google for Education so our students are learning about Gmail and Google Drive. This would be great for those students that are interested in learning more!