Saturday, April 4, 2015

Autism Acceptance Month

I have been so lucky to have worked with so many amazing students, family, parents, and staff that are all on different journeys.  I spent 12 years in a LIFE (Living in a Functional Environment) classroom and I was always truly amazed by what every student could do without any limits of whatever their ability might be.

My word has been and always will be BELIEVE.  We need to BELIEVE in every student that enters our classroom.  We need to BELIEVE in every person that we come in contact with.  I have a heart for all kiddos, but a big piece of my heart has been for students/people with autism.

I have appreciated that many families are now considering April to be Autism Acceptance Month.  I love my friend Aimee's blog  for this month.  The most important thing that I have learned from the families and students I have come in contact with.... is that EVERYONE has differences.

I LOVE what @venspired always shares.  Check out her website here

So, this month.. I would like to give back.   So many students have given me so much in the way of learning, accepting and being a better person.. I would like to give back.  Yes, I volunteer, but I would also like to give back monetarily.  I have 2 fundraiser parties open right now.  My goal is 22 Buy 3 Get one Free! When the parties reach $500 I will match the donation.

Support Turning Point Christian Academy- check out the Jamberry Fundraiser Here
Support National Autism Association- check out the Jamberry Fundraiser Here

If you participate in supporting these fundraisers.. I will have a drawing at the end of this month for a $25 gift card.

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