Sunday, April 12, 2015


This year my word has been strength.  This quote is pretty perfect for it as well. This year I started off persistent.. and have continued that on.  When someone asks how this year is going.. I can only reply busy.  I don't even have another word to describe my life.. other than busy.  I have accomplished a ton.. and I feel that I have grown in my position, but because of this growing in my own profession have lacked in other areas.

However, this weekend I realized something...
I have failed as a friend.

I can't tell you how many text messages and/or facebook messages that I have.. that I read and respond in my head.. but don't actually respond to in real life.  Who does that!

I hope that all my friends/colleagues still know that if they ever need anything.. I am there in a heartbeat.

So, it is April.. the year is almost over.. and I am going to consciously work to be a better person and friend. To those friends that I have been terrible about responding too.. thank you for still loving me!

Here is to finishing out the 2015 year out strong.
-I will take more time for myself (have already packed my lunch for the whole week)- This means eating healthier, getting outside more, reading more.. and being with FRIENDS AND FAMILY!
-I am already front loading for next year.. I can be busy and be accomplished.. but I can't be so busy that it takes me 2 hours of working in the quiet when I get home. (did I mention that I am starting another masters next year)

Most importantly.. I will still have my word STRENGTH with me, but now it will be more geared towards having STRENGTH to be a better person.  Thank you all for always supporting me and putting up with me.

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