Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ATPE Summit 2015

Are you a Texas Educator? Have you marked your calendar for ATPE Summit?

Educators have spent their year changing the lives of the various students that have walked in and out of their classrooms and schools.  With it being the end of the year educators are still working hard to make sure that their students have every opportunity to succeed and the Association of Texas Professional Educators is doing the same thing.

One of my favorite times of the year is the ATPE Summit.  This year the Summit takes place July 7th-10th in Austin, Texas.  It is important as professionals that we grow with other educators and professionals.  The ATPE Summit provides this opportunity.  ATPE provides a wealth of great keynotes, information, and even more importantly connections with other like minded people.

Although the information that I have learned at the Summit over the last 2 years is impressive, the most notable part of the Summit is the House of Delegates. The House of Delegates allows members of ATPE from across the state to have a voice.  This is a time where we can vote, discuss, and collaborate with what we would like for our lobbyist to work on during the year.  It is a chance for Texas educators to have a larger voice outside of the classroom.

My favorite part of ATPE?  Many times as we get frustrated at what is going on our professionalism is questioned.  ATPE continues to be professional in all matters and looks at all of the different views.  The Association helps educators and professionals see all sides of a story.

As educators we are constantly changing lives.  As legislators they are changing educators lives.  As ATPE members our well being is advocated for.  I look forward to the ATPE Summit.  I look forward to the Summit for collaborating with like minded educators, having a voice when often our voices seem to be lost, and making a difference for all educators.

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