Saturday, December 24, 2016

I Believe

As children are snuggling in beds, I have a confession to make. I like Santa Claus.  I admit it.  My favorite Santa's are the almost vintage ones. Santa is so much more than a figurine.. but an idea.

My Uncle David posted this awesome video.. and it made me realize even more why I love Santa's.

But, my favorite Santa Claus is the real one. I know that I have talked about my mom and dad often, but on Christmas Eve.. I just have to talk about them again.  

I believe in Santa because my parents.  To me, Santa is so much more than the person bringing gifts on Christmas Eve. 
-is the spirit of joy.. young and old
-is the spirit of believing.. even in wondrous ideas and dreams
-is the spirit of kindness.
-is the spirit of hope.
-is the spirit of love.

When my parents come into town I love going out to eat with them (when they are not in their Texas Santa attire) and watching the faces of children both young and old doing a second take as they see my parents.  The best part.. my parents are KIND and JOYOUS at all times and share that twinkle and smile with all they meet.  Watching them interact with people reminds me of the importance of being one to give kindness, love, joy and hope in various situations.  Having Santa in the family also reminds me that we need to share this kindness, love, joy and hope year round.

Each year for the past five years, my parents have traveled to the DFW area to spend one day walking around the Fort Worth Stockyards. I love being the driver.. and trailing behind to watch people interact with them. Age disappears.. race disappears.. social status disappears.. everyone is just another important person to Santa.  Yes, I believe in Santa. I am thankful that Mr. and Mrs. Claus (aka my parents.. just one of the many great Santa's out there) taught me the importance of seeing each person as a gift.

Photo courtesy of Elaine Plybon

It is almost that time of year to begin to make our resolutions for the upcoming year.  I am of course thinking of mine.. but I know what I want one of them to be.  I want to be a Santa.  Throughout 2017 I hope to share love, hope, understanding, kindness and believing to all those that I meet.

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