Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I love crafting and creating, but often times I run out of time.  During the holiday season.. even if I don't have time.. I CRAFT!! My first year teaching I began an ornament tradition.  I know that I always love getting things in my box.  I also know that not all staff members get items in their box (custodians and cafeteria workers included!).  I began making ornaments for every person on campus. Does it take me awhile.. sure does.  Does everyone appreciate and like it.. of course not.  It makes my heart happy, and I have a chance to create something!

This year during Thanksgiving I turned our upstairs guest bedroom into a craft room (of course.. it had to be clean and ready when Texas Santa and Mrs. Claus came into town!

Not only is it the most wonderful time for crafting, but also for busy fun schedules that include family and friends!
Just a few of the items needed for all the crafting this year.
This year for ornaments I upcycled books.  I took regular ornaments and mod podged pieces of book around them.. sprayed them with a bit of glitter dust and added a ribbon (thanks to the help of Viola and Amelia!)
125 ornaments 

To celebrate the season in the library, I made my first book tree.  My awesome hubby came and added the fireplace and lights to my tree.

I also crafted my first ugly sweater and headband.  I have a confession.. I LOVE Christmas sweaters. Many of the sweaters and shirts I have for Christmas are probably considered ugly Christmas sweaters.. but I still love them! (Did you see this awesome backdrop in this picture.. Mrs. Gamez made it!)

 I no longer have a Daisy Troop.. but a BROWNIE Troop! I love these girls and it was so great helping them cross the bridge to become Brownies.  Oh how they have grown this year.

I couldn't do troop 1810 without this woman right here!
 Of course my favorite part of this time of year is seeing family.  I know I have mentioned it several places.. but I truly have the coolest parents ever! My parents come down in December and spend one day walking around the Fort Worth Stockyards dressed as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus.  This year Elaine Plybon captured some family pictures before we headed to the Stockyards. There were SO many good ones, but I LOVE these 2!

How fun to have some family photos.

Texas Santa visited the library for our Late Night in the Library as our guest reader! Upcoming blog over at Bee in the Bookends about all the fun things that went on during Late Night in the Library December and upcoming events in January!

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