Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goals for 2012

Happy New Years Eve!  I have been super bloggy lately.  I am taking a break from watching movies (well, it is actually because my iPad battery needs to be charged) I thought I would take a moment to revisit goals that I wrote in August, and add some more.

Disclaimer- to all of my readers.  I am terrible at grammar.  It has never been my strong point, so please don't hold it against me :)

Goals from August 8, 2011
- Updating this blog- I have started so many blogs, but I am going to keep up with this one, I promise! 
I think I have done very well at this one!  I am on blog post 18 (with this one) just since August!)- Finishing my book- I am finally in the last stages of it (I think)
I am bummed about this one.  The company that I was working with decided to go a different route.  So, this will be on the back burner until things change around.- Increasing technology in my classroom- I already have so many ideas on this! Be watching for more blogs over what I am going to do next.
This is a goal that I will continually work on.  Our class has skyped 4 different times so far this year, updated our class blog, and are tweeting. 
 - Be Patient and know that it is going to be a Fantastic year!- I am pretty patient as it is, but this next year is going to be a very different year. With education budget cuts this means an increase in classroom size. I am going to have to be Uber creative, patient, and ready to ask for help. I was able to listen to Dr. Eric Jensen today and he said something very important- when I feel stressed- take action over, write it down for later, or drop it. I have really worked on that this summer, and I will keep working on it this next year!
This is another area that I will continually work on.  I feel confident that I have done well in this area.  

Goals for 2012

1. Balance my checkbook every night!  Sounds easy enough.. right.. WRONG!  I like the rest of America has a problem with spending.  I have already told my husband that this is one of my goals.  I hope that it will also help with our spending.

2. Have I mentioned that I love Pinterest.  This year for Christmas I got a sewing machine.  My husband has been so kind and purchased me so many cool things like a mandolin and a guitar.  As I opened this gift he said "Andrea, don't let this sit and collect dust like the other things that I have given you."  So, with the help of Pinterest and my awesome new sewing machine, I will be creating at least one thing a month!  First up is an apron (material is in the dryer as we speak)

3. Of course I have a weight loss goal.  I of course would like to drop a ton of weight.  I really need to just actually get to the gym (which I love zumba) and STOP the fast food!

I am also going to have 1 goal a month.  A goal that is easily attainable in that month (or at least I think will be attainable)

I have seen several blogs about having a zero spending month.  Zero is pretty huge.  I would love to say that I could do it.. but I know that I can't do that.  At least not in January.  Now, when I say zero spending that does not mean I won't pay my bills for a month.  It does not mean that I will not fill my car up with gas.  Zero spending means I will not spend any money on things that I don't need.  

My Goal for January is to spend no more than $50.

What are your goals?  Do you set your own resolutions?

Happy New Years!


  1. You have some cool goals and I believe they are very attainable. Good luck on them all.

    My goals posting will go up tomorrow but mostly they are related to my writing, blogging and sales of books which entails more marketing efforts. I totally would love to see a steady increase in sales over the year since more books will be coming out over the course of the year. Check it out tomorrow - - E :)

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  2. Elysabeth I can't wait to follow along! Good luck on your sales.