Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Holidays!

Today was finally our Secret Santa reveal at school... so I can finally share all the cools things I did (well, at least I thought they were cool)  I am still up at school working, but I decided to take a break to share some of my stuff :)

Pinterest TOTALLY HAS ME INSPIRED! Can I just say that like 4 more times?

Thank goodness for copy and paste :)

Thank goodness for Pinterest.. because I was am on a budget this year.  Pinterest to the rescue!  I think I will do another blog later on how I use pinterest for not only the crafty ideas.. but also as a great bookmarking site for all those blogs that I follow.  

So.. here are some of my goodies!

First up... Rice Crispie Treat ornament balls!  My SS could not have chocolate, but her favorite snack was rice crispie treats.  So, made the rice crispie treats formed them into balls (use ALOT of butter on your hands, so it doesn't stick) coat them in sprinkles and add a rolo on top.  I covered my rolos in aluminum foil and stuck them on using a toothpick.

Second item of craftiness, a wooden plaque. I LOVE the storybook creator from Creative Memories.  Found this quote on pinterest and then did my own small scrapbook page on storybook creater.  Printed it off and modge podged it on.  I am not one to give knick knacks (because I personally don't like them much) but I am a SUCKER for a good quote :) My SS is a 1st grade teacher, so I thought this was appropriate.  

Third item (forgot to take a picture) was a cute little notepad, cute little pin, and then some magnets I made by cutting up creative scrapbook paper and modge podging it to the back of a blue stone.  Add a magnet.. and you have a cute little personal touch to a magnetic dry erase board.

My items for the other 2 days was her favorite drink.

Today we revealed, and I have to say that my end gift was AWESOME! I just thought it was SO creative, cute.. and best part.. AFFORDABLE!
What is that cute sign that says happy holidays? Well, it went along with my last gift.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE pinterest.  Found a frame at Wal-Mart, cut out scrapbook paper to fit inside (her favorite color is green) add a couple of dry erase markers... and you have a perfect desk dry erase board.
This is the bucket that my SS got.  It also had some scrapbooking materials and her favorite holiday scent.

I of course had an AWESOME SS that got for me :)  One day I got M&M's (you can't go wrong with chocolate) one day I got a huge bag of skittles.  I also got a cute pez dispenser and super cute little snowman post it note pad.  My favorite gift (other than the sonic gift card and FANTASTIC cup that I got today) was diet dr. pepper.  Diet Dr. Pepper you say.. well.. that is just a drink. I am all about the smiles.  So I walk up to my box one day and I found 3 soda cans in my box.  Each one with a different prescription on it :)

My last little goodie from Pinterest was for our school staff holiday party.  I am on the planning committee.. and I ran across this little gem.  Have you seen the mustaches you add to a stick and have people take pictures with them?  Well.. I found one that had reindeer antlers, reindeer noses, Santa beard, Santa hat, elf hat, elf ears.. and so forth.  I made the props.. and another grade level made the background.  The staff loved coming to have their picture taken!

I hope you all have super safe and happy holidays!  We have one week of school left, and there is SO much to do!  Do you participate in Secret Santa?  What are your favorite gifts to give?

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  1. I'm with you on Pinterest! Such a great place to grab ideas!! Love your blog too!