Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are- Sort of a Love Story?

Today as I caught up with all of my social media... I was saddened to hear that Maurice Sendak had passed away.  Being a teacher I LOVE children's books, but Where the Wild Things Are holds a Very special place in my heart.  Read on if you would like a sappy story :)

Here's the story (I know you are all holding your breath.. many of you I am sure have already this)
8 years ago, I met my husband.  Now, at the time I lived in Amarillo, Texas.  I had traveled to El Paso, Texas for a Teacher of the Young Child Convention with a group of other teachers from Amarillo.  During this trip I was able to room with my awesome friend Jill at the Camino Real.  Now, this was not just any hotel.  This was the Camino Real.  A Beautiful hotel with a very rich history.  One of the first nights we were there I was sitting at the Dome Bar under the Tiffany Glass dome ceiling. That evening I had put on one of my favorite shirts.... a green Where the Wild Things Are shirt.  As I am sitting there a handsome chef keeps looking at us.  Eventually he waves and comes over and introduces himself as Chef William Keller  a few minutes later the waitress delivered the most decedent chocolate dessert with his business card and number on the back.  The next night we visited his restaurant, and the rest of the evening I spent it with the Chef.  That evening he gave me a stuffed animal Max sprayed in his Hugo cologne.  I learned that evening that Where the Wild Things Are was his favorite book growing up (I know why this was his favorite book and I love that he shared why with me).  The next day I got on a bus to travel back to Amarillo, Texas heading away from the love of my life.  2 weeks later he moved to Amarillo, Texas.  2 months after he moved to Amarillo he proposed to me.  Less than a year later we were married.  For the past 8 years I have had Max by my side when I travel (I used to travel with Polar Bear... but he has retired to sit beside my bed).  It is our ritual that he is sprayed with Hugo cologne before I travel so he smells like my wonderful husband.  2 years ago my husband gave me a small Max that travels in my purse.  I know, I know.. I am silly that I carry around these stuffed animals but they are such a great reminder of why I love my husband.  He is my Max :)  NPR did some amazing stories on him, and today I had MANY driveway moments.

Do you have special connections to a book?  I know that I have a ton of special books, but Where the Wild Things Are definitely holds a very special place in my heart.

I know this blog is not very well written, but there are just so many emotions and thoughts running through my head.  Change might be in the air, and being reminded how I met my husband reminded me of how much I love him.  Our paths crossed for a reason, and we are always on an adventure to our own islands.  Who knows where our next adventure will lead.

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