Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CARE Day and BrainPOP!

This year has been one crazy year!  Changing schools was tough, but I have loved making new traditions at a new school!  Each school is a little different in what they do, and my new school has CARE day.  CARE day you ask? Celebrating Authors and Readers at Elliott.  How cool is that!  So this Friday is my first CARE day! Things that are happening on CARE day?
-2 AMAZING Authors are speaking to us! Kevin Honeycutt and Natalie Bright
-A Character parade! This is where students and staff are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book character.  So, I had to of course choose MOBY!  Now, I know.. Moby is not an actual book character, but there is a ton of writing that goes into making one of those awesome BrainPOP videos! (keep reading for info on my costume and and awesome BrainPOP contest)
-decorating hallways and doors to represent different genres or authors.  Our class has been doing an Eric Carle study (will post pictures this weekend)
-and sharing books that each student has authored.  We did our books in an Eric Carle style, and I have admit they are turning out pretty cute!

So, CARE day is looking like it is going to be AWESOME (and that I am going to sleep well that night!)

Since I am on the topic of BrainPOP I had to share about this great competition that they are having:
BrainPOP & Intel: How Do YOU Bring Learning to Your Student's Fingertips?  It is super easy to enter.  All you have to do is submit a lesson plan by May 22nd that showcases how you are using BrainPOP interactive resources on mobile devices.  Click on the link to find out more information and details!

So, now for the BrainPOP costume (which is almost done.. will have final pictures posted this weekend!)  As soon as I decided I wanted to be Moby I emailed my friend Kari to see if she had some suggestions (well, the actual question was... can I borrow the Moby costume.. never hurts to ask.. right :))  She recommended me to connect with Robert Miller (find him on twitter) Robert made me a Fantastic How to Video!  You can see some of his students in action in their Moby costume here.  With some rainboots, yellow duct tape, orange duct tape, dishwashing gloves, orange shirt, gray tube socks, and an orange shirt.. my costume is coming together!

Just a sneak preview!
Next blog- pictures from CARE day (in full costume!) and how I close down and organize my classroom at the end of the year.  Had a good question about how I store old Unique curriculum files.  How do you store them?   11 more days of school and 63 more until Podstock!

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