Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blind Faith

This evening I took Kevin Honeycutt up on a wonderful offer of watching a play being put on in Grand Rapids, MI.  Union High School had not had a play for 3 years due to budget.  Now, I didn't travel to Michigan (although.. I have done a ton of traveling this year!) I turned on my computer and joined in on the live stream that he offered through iHigh

I grew up in a small town in Texas and during my high school years I was in the all of the musicals. I was never a lead, I was never great, but I always had fun!  The memories that I had working late night, making new friends, being someone other than myself, and most importantly gaining more confidence.  During school I was often shy and only hung out with certain people (now, if you know me now.. I am completely opposite!)  I credit being more outgoing and presenting in front of people to being in our local high school plays.

As teachers we are always talking about authentic audiences and having our kiddos reaching out to people outside of their community.  There are SO many online opportunities that offer this availability.  I logged on tonight to the link and watched the viewers steadily increase.  Kevin's goal was for 1000 views for these AMAZING kiddos, and here it is just 15 minutes into the second act and there are over 1015 views.  We teach students to blog to have different readers in the audience.  How far technology has come that we can now watch students act out a play and reach an even broader audience.

I feel SO privileged to be a member of the audience.  To help these kiddos see that there is SO much more out there.  My Favorite line was "Life is to short to go to far down the wrong road."

Thank you Kevin for connecting me!  Please tell those kids that they did amazing!

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