Thursday, July 26, 2012

Brain Overload

This morning finished up our last keynote for #DENSI2012.  I have been on the road since last Tuesday.. and I have to admit I am ready to be home.  I am kind of excited, however, that I have 5 more hours until my first leg of the trip gets started.  This is giving me a chance to reflect on the past 2 weeks and also share my plans for next year.

This summer, as I have mentioned in several previous posts, have been one with ups and downs.  Many more ups than downs.  I have been very blessed (a word I don't use often enough) to attend many different conferences and meet a ton of new people!  I went into this summer thinking that I wanted to get out of the classroom, but that was not meant to be.  So, I really don't know where my path will lead this year other than to a rocking classroom! As my friends have all said.. everything happens for a reason.  So, although I am not going to move up to administrative position.. my goal this year is to SHARE even more with my readers!

So, here if you follow my blog, here is what you can look forward too:
I am going to work on doing a daily 6 word memoir.  I will be posting these on twitter (and possibly my youtube page) so be watching!

Each Monday of the month is going to have a different theme! This will start next Monday!
The first Monday of every month I will be Magnificent Monday.  I will be posting a review of my favorite app or website or both.
The second Monday of the every month will be Movie Monday. I will create a movie and share about something that I am doing in my classroom.  This could be lesson plan ideas to setting up a classroom.
The third Monday will be Make It Monday.  This will be a day where I share something that I have made for my classroom or home.
The fourth Monday will be Mail Call Monday.  Do you have a question that I might be able to answer? Do you have a question that you would like to add to the blog? Email me at

One Tuesday a month I will have a tutorial Tuesday.  For that Tuesday I will create an online tutorial on computer information.

Every Wednesday will be a wordless Wednesday.

Some of my other personal goals for this next year are:
Cook at least one meal a week.  I know that sounds super crazy, but I am married to a chef.. so I haven't cooked in 8 years.  I want to change that.
I also want to work on scrapbooking one page a month.  I have several ideas for this, so be watching for updates.

What are your goals for this year?  What do you want to accomplish?  Be watching next Monday for me to review a website that I found out about this last week at DENSI!

Check out Flickr and search DENSI2012, podstockphotowalk, and podstock12 to see some of the awesome pictures from this summer!  Sure did enjoy spending the last 2 weeks with Elaine Plybon.  I am very lucky in the friends that I surround myself with... and I know that I am going to reevaluating where some of my professional and personal friends lie within this next year.

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  1. great plans..i could never do that many new things