Sunday, July 29, 2012

Magnificent Monday!- Popplet

I set up a challenge for myself of pretty much doing some type of blogging EVERY Monday!  If I can blog more than that.. then that is fantastic, but I knew I wanted to be better and share more.

So, for my FIRST Monday I wanted to share a website that I found out about at DENSI2012. Karen Ogen shared a TON of fun resources in her session Media Makes Learning Fun, but my brain is already spinning from all of the ideas that I have to use this in my classroom next year.  You can read Karen's blog about it here

So, what is my first Magnificent Monday going to be about? Popplet!
Popplet is like an online bulletin board where you can add words, videos, pictures, and collaborators.  I just finished making my first one by sharing my summer travels.  I can easily embed it (see below), print it, or save it as a pdf or jpeg.

For my students I am always looking for a way that I can assess their learning and skills.  I am also always looking for ways to differentiate my instruction and expectations depending on their level and learning.

Some ideas I already have:
-Monthly Units- have each student add something to a Popplet about what they learned that month.  This could be drawing a picture, taking a picture, video, or written words.  We use the Unique Curriculum, so this would be a great end of month assessment piece.
-At the first of the year I am thinking about doing this with different places in the school. Have students import pictures and then write a sentence about each place in the school.
-A great all about me and have the student picture in the middle and then describing words on the outside.
-Do the alphabet (letter a week) and students help create study guides- for older students spelling words.
My list could go on!

How could you use Popplet in your classroom?  What websites/apps are you excited about using next year?

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