Monday, September 24, 2012

Magnificent Monday-IR Great Innovations and Smoothboard Air

If you have been following my youtube videos for any time you have probably seen my How to make an Interactive Whiteboard using a WiiMote.  I have been using a form of Smoothboard since the beginning, and let me tell you how AWESOME Smoothboard Air is!  When I made my first video I had Goh Boon Jin actually comment on video.  I felt SO special!  Since I been using the Smoothboard Air he has answered all the questions that I might have, and have also given me pointers.

I have set up my group/calendar area with the Rear Projection Screen from IR Great Innovations.  I have been working with them for over 3 years now, and they are FANTASTIC! Always super helpful, fast, and kind!  Not only is my rear projection system from there, but also my IR Pens that I use

I love using the IR pens with the wiimote, but the Smoothboard Air ROCKS! Once I load the program I can use the wiimote portion of it, but I can also use my iPad or other mobile device.  

QR code that gives the IP address to add the iPad as a mobile whiteboard device.  No camera? That is okay! As long as you have internet connection you can enter the IP address. 

Scanning the QR code

Now all my devices are synced, but I can also use my IR pen!

Best part?  You can annotate!  These options are also on the  iPad

I am currently using this during my News 2 You and Unique reading time.  I like the ability that I have to be able to highlight specific areas that I want my students to see.  I also like the ability of the pen mode in the IR pen, but also being able to use a stylus on the iPad.  When my students need to write a complete sentence they can do so on the iPad.
Things we have already done using this setup:
-tally marks on favorite snack
-interactive calendar
-sentence writing
-creating hypothesis
-highlighting letters we are working on
-highlighting words we are working on or important words

Working with multi-ability students, I am always looking for ways to meet all learners.  Having this product allows me to increase the rigor in my instruction, but on different levels and different ways... but while still staying on the same topic/idea!

There are SO many other ways that you will be able to use Smoothboard Air.  Have you used it?  What are your favorite things to do?


  1. Congratulations Andrea. I'm Marcelo Magalhães, Professor of MBA in business administration in Brazil. I'm using Smoothboard Air with Duo and have experienced the same sensations you. Do you have a good internet at your disposal in the classroom? This is something not always available to me. But always use my pen with the wiimote infrared with much success. And I have developed technologies to make interactive powerpoint. Good luck to you. -

  2. Andrea,

    Please look at this software that I have created. Let me know what you think and please share.