Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Afterglow of EdCampDallas

Working in a special education classroom... I attend a ton of professional development that is not always what I need (but then again.. I am sure that most people say that!) Now, not to say that I don't attend some really good stuff too, but I always like the option of choosing what I want to learn... rather than being told.

A couple of years ago I attended EdCampPlano and knew that I wanted to help when the next one came around.  I emailed the organizers and said I was ready to help.

Okay, so what is an EdCamp?
Edcamps are composed of educators, administrators & staff members who share a vested interest in growing professionally. Unlike other conferences, edcamps are considered to be an unconference because it does not include a key note speaker and the cost of attending is free. You want to share your ideas, sign up to speak. You want to hear the ideas of others being shared, sign up to attend a session.
my favorite photo from @ipadsammy

This weekend EdCampDallas was held in Coppell High School and it was AWESOME!
A few of my favorite things about EdCamps:
-it is FREE!
-there are no vendors (now.. vendors are welcome to attend to be able to network and share, but it is a learning community.. so it is not a you need to buy this product now!)
-you are surrounded by other educators that want to spend their time really learning
-you give teachers a chance to share their knowledge in a setting that might not otherwise be available
-CONNECTIONS! I LOVE connecting with other people outside my classroom.  
Thanks @ipadsammy for a Fantastic video!

@jessica_branch hanging up the schedule
When you walk into an EdCamp there is big blank schedule.  If you want to present.. you sign up.  That easy!  If you attend a session that is not for you... you choose another one (no hard feelings!)

I attended some great sessions! I learned a ton about iMovie from @stuartburt  I also had a chance to present on Technology in the Multi-ability classroom. Hanging out with the Coppell ISD iTeam in the virtual blended learning lab was AWESOME!  I got some great new ideas on presentation forms.  The day ended with a SmackDown and of course DOORPRIZES!

The best way I was able to help was through Doorprizes :) I So appreciate all of the vendors that helped with these awesome doorprizes! You can check out the sponsor page to see all of the sponsors!

Follett send them a tweet @follettsoftware

Horizon Imprinting took care of our awesome Organizer shirts!
Core PD by ETA Hand2mind @ETAhand2mind 
IR Great Innovations LLC

BrainPOP send them a tweet @brainpop

Smoothboard send them a tweet @smoothboard

TechSmithEdusend them a tweet @TechSmithEDU and they also donated 3 camtasia codes!

Big thanks also goes to: 
-ThingLink send them a tweet @ThingLink_EDU
-iHomeEducatorssend them a tweet @iHomeEducator
-Nearpod send them a tweet @Nearpod
-SimpleK12- send them a tweet @SimpleK12
-Flocabulary- send them a tweet @Flocabulary
-Edutopia- send them a tweet @Edutopia
-Wonderopolis- send them a tweet @wonderopolis
-TCEA- send them a tweet @TCEA

Thank you SO much to all that donated, attended, shared, and learned!  I know that I had a fantastic day and am already looking forward to the next one!  EdCampWaller?

Have you attended an EdCamp?  What did you take away from it?

the tweeps at #edcampdallas

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