Monday, September 3, 2012

Movie Monday-Learning To Earn!

This year I am trying a new behavior incentive.  I really want to work on earning and spending money, so I created the learning to earn board.

Now, just like everything in my classroom, this does not work for every student.  Some students need a higher reinforcer at a faster pace.  But I still want to give all students the opportunity to participate. This is what I have posted on my website for Parent Information
A new update for this year is Learning To Earn!
There will be opportunities throughout the day for your student to be able to earn BeeBucks. 
Every hour students will start on green. 
student stayed on task, did work, and only needed 2 redirections– earns $1.00 BeeBuck
student needed 3-4 redirections to stay on task and complete work– does not earn any BeeBucks
student needed 5-6 redirections to stay on task, Student hit, kicked, bit or scratched a teacher or a friend– owes the bank $1.00 BeeBuck
Students will be able to spend their BeeBucks daily on items such as using a special pen for the day, extra computer time, and other items. There will also be a classroom store that will be open on Friday’s.

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