Monday, December 31, 2012

Make it Monday- Bed Buddies

With Christmas finished and the cold weather upon us (at least here in Texas it has been pretty stinking cold!) Anyway, I really wanted to sew this year.. and money has been tight.  I remembered growing up my mom used to make bed buddies.  She made them using warm fuzzy socks and long grain rice.  I had gone to Hobby Lobby and found some wonderful bandannas for $1.00 each!

To Make the Bed Buddies you need
-fabric (I used bandannas because they were already a good size- VERY IMPORTANT- cut off the edges or test out your fabric first! It is going into the microwave.. and I found that the edges of the bandannas had some type of plastic in it.  Thank goodness I tested out before I got to sewing!)
-sewing machine

See my video for full directions.  Each one took me about 10 minutes to make.

On another note.  When I bought all of these awesome bandannas I found one that had flames all over it, perfect for my husband!  I ran home and put it together fast (as he was at work.. and I wanted to get it wrapped and under the tree while he was out)  I was SO proud of how it looked.  But if you notice my first VERY IMPORTANT message.. cut off the edges to the bandanna.  Wahh wahh (insert Charlie Brown Christmas right here) So, the present stayed under the tree.. he opened it.. and then I had tell the whole story.  Everyone else loved them though!


  1. Great idea...especially at this time of year! If looks aren't important, could use parts of sleeves or pantlegs.

  2. Dawne, That is a great idea! I am all about ease and upcycling items :)