Friday, July 26, 2013

ATPE Summitt

Part of the Irving ATPE members after the banquet
This past week I was able to attend the ATPE Summit.  ATPE is the Association of Texas Professional Educators.

I have been a member of this organization for 11 years.  I joined because I believe that it is important to be a part of an organization.  I always knew that ATPE had lots of benefits such as offering up to $8 million dollars in professional liability insurance, lots of discounts (for hotels and other fun activities) and is member run.

So, I paid my dues every year and knew I was covered.. but then I attended ATPE Summit and I realized how much more ATPE does for me as an educator.  This year I also am taking on more at the local level as I am now the Vice President of Irving ATPE.

I checked in a day early because I was honored to be one of the 3 finalists for the Elementary ATPE Teacher of the Year (I even had a chance to meet up with @classroom_tech and his lovely wife!).  The first day had an awesome opening keynote Edward James Olmos and then breakout sessions.  I of course hit up the technology ones and was not disappointed with Lori Gracey! I also had a chance to listen to Dr. Ruby Payne and Anne Grady  It was a great day of learning (and hanging out with my Irving friends)  The second day was a chance for me to learn more about my role as the Vice President of our local unit.  I also did a little bit of virtual work for Podstock this day.  The first 2 days were great days of learning, but it was Friday that impressed me the most!

So, as I have mentioned ATPE is member run and it also offers supports to teacher, principals, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, janitors, paraprofessionals, and substitutes.  Friday was the House of Delegates.

  • ATPE members are represented at the Texas State Capitol and state agencies by an experienced team of professional lobbyists that includes former legislative staffers and a former state senator. ATPE also advocates on your behalf at the federal level on issues such as Social Security and the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (No Child Left Behind).("ATPE Benefits website)

How powerful to sit in the audience, vote for different items brought to the table and have a VOICE!  It was so smoothly run, people had a chance to argue for or against topics and share their stories.  As I watched it made me realize how happy I am to be a part of an organization that really supports educators, because it is run by educators.

I look forward to growing in the Irving ATPE, and who knows... I might just start to run for higher positions.
Thanks ATPE Region 18 for all the goodies

Getting ready for the keynote

Robin and I at the banquet

Julie went with me on a photowalk!  I was participating in the #podstockphotowalk virtually

Before the banquet with Doug Rogers and Robin

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