Saturday, July 6, 2013

New Adventures (and a little bit of fear)

Adventure- "an exciting or remarkable experience" From Merriam-Webster  I realize that you are completely capable of looking a definition in a dictionary, but it was the start that I needed. (read with caution as this is a short novel that has been mulling around my head)

I see every day teaching as an adventure.  I see every day life as an adventure (and if you have ever had a conversation with me adventure usually comes up at least once!)  I have been lucky enough to have had a multitude of adventures.  Each one of these journeys has allowed me to grow into hopefully a better person and educator. 

In June I completed my 11th year of teaching in a classroom.  I absolutely LOVED my students, LOVE the people I work with and LOVE my school.  When I moved to Elliott I was of course a little scared (I mean.. change is hard)  I loved having the opportunity to open a LIFE classroom and meeting new people.  My first year at Elliott ended and I had created so many new adventures and friendships.. I had found my home!  Last summer I applied for a job and I didn't get it (I mean.. I am a planner.. and I already had it all planned out!) During the summer I had also been told I was not qualified for another position.
The pros of both of these situations:
1. I was able to teach in a FANTASTIC classroom another year!
2. I was able to see my 5th graders off to middle school (I had them since kindergarten!)
3. I was able to create more friendships
4. I had a chance to realize that the job that I thought I wanted really was not the job that I was supposed to have (thanks to all my friends that have listened to my crankiness!)
5. If I had left the classroom last year I wouldn't have had the opportunity to do all of the really cool things that I did with my students!
6. I was named Teacher of the Year for my campus (and had I changed positions.. this would not have happened!)

So..with the end of school means that new adventures were just around the corner.  I had a conversation with my principal about how much I loved my classroom, but this was the perfect year for a change.  I was going to teach resource next year (now.. although I am the one that asked for the change there were still tears involved as I told my amazing paraprofessionals that I would be moving classrooms... and once again I realized how much I need change but change is hard for me!)  I started to plan my summer staff development around my new adventure (and in that planning was also the moving of my classroom to my house because of construction)  During this time I also had the opportunity to interview to be in the Instructional Technology Specialist pool (and I MADE IT!) Not only did I make the pool... I am now going to be the Instructional Technology Specialist for my school (insert jumping up and down and happy dance when I got the phone call)

Here is where my fear begins. 
I am SO very excited to be an ITS (instructional technology specialist), but I have that underlying fear of what if I am not good enough? (I know that we all have this fear... and it only makes us strive even more)  Many of my presentations that I give are over increasing technology in the multi-ability classroom (which have always come from the viewpoint of my LIFE classroom),  how is this going to change how I am viewed in the edtech community?  I am quirky and a little different (shocker to those that know me!) will I have enough to offer to those around me?  Will my special ed peeps know that I have not forgotten them?

I refound this quote from the blog I wrote when I changed schools (you can find it here)
"Change does not change tradition.  It strengthens it.    
Change is a challenge and an opportunity, not a threat."

-Prince Phillip of England
I am ready for a new adventure (even with my fears!) I am also ready for the new connections and stories that being an ITS is going to bring.  With this new adventure means my blog is going to offer different styles of content, but you know I love some differentiation!

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