Saturday, July 27, 2013


Today I finished up my 4th edCamp and I learn something new each time!

What is an EdCamp?  Edcamp is a free, democratic, participant-driven professional development for teachers.  You can find out more about it here (and to see if one is going to be near you!)

Today's EdCamp brought to you by Keller ISD!  

I love learning and connecting with people, but this EdCamp was a little different.  I facilitated no sessions, I did no presentations (and.. presentations are of course not allowed).. I didn't even bring my laptop.  The past EdCamps I have been a teacher.  Not only was I a teacher, but I was a special education teacher.  So, I listened to ideas and percolated on how I could modify them for my classroom.  When I shared, I shared on how it would affect my students and what my students were doing.  I have changed positions, so I went to sessions that I knew NOTHING about (but knew it would benefit my school)  I was not disappointed.

Before I get to much farther.. I learned a ton from a ton of people (so, I apologize now if I don't get everyone listed)  I also didn't take as many pictures this time.. because my brain was moving too fast!

These are just a few of my notes.  You can also check out notes that some of my fellow tweeps took. Don't forget to check the #edcampfwtx twitter feed too

First Session- STEM
So, I am a nerd.. and having the chance to hang out in a 5th grade science classroom last year with an awesome science teacher.. I wanted to learn more.  
Just a few ideas
There were some great conversations, but I can't wait to connect more with TinaTrisha and Tony They are doing some awesome things at their school
-I want to look more into TAME (Texas Alliance for Minority in Engineering)
-Look into bringing in Air Traffic Control into the school (maybe even a news for kids)
-Use the Flipboard app and choose rss feeds that pertain to science- science articles, science tweets, science blogs
-Have book of the month club that is STEM based and then have a challenge to go along with it
-Explain This- put up explain this signs around schools and have students explain them ie. paper towel holders, doorknobs, window latches and so on
So much learning!

Second Session-Edmodo
I went to the wrong session, and yes.. I know I can vote with my feet, but instead I stayed and connected.  I enjoyed chatting with another tweep about my ideas for staff tech challenges this year.  I will be blogging about that more, but here was my first challenge.


Check out this awesome ice cream that Jon created for Martha now.. that is some talent!

 Third Session-Augmented Reality-The Tech Ninja's facilitated
Todd and Stacey are so awesome!
Let me just say.. my mind is BLOWN! I love using QR codes, and I still will use them.. but there are so many cool ways and ideas that you can use Augmented reality!    I
My brain is still racing from all the ideas that I got during this session.. but until you see it.. it is kind of hard to explain.
Check out:
-  I had a chance to meet Brad and Drew at ISTE for just a few minutes, but I have been following along on twitter.. and now I am hooked!
-Erin Klein is another great person to follow and I love her blog about the Colar app
-Apps to use Aurasma, DAQRI, and colAR App
-For Aurasma people must be following your channel for the aura to work.  See twoguysandsomeipads for how toos, directions, ideas and so much more
-use Aurasma for ARD's.  Have a piece of work that the students have done as the trigger for the aura.  Once triggered it offers a video of the student explaining what they are working on
-Use Aurasma for homework help
-Living museums
-Center information
-Scavenger hunts
-The DAQRI cubes that are Elements look AWESOME!

I have so many more ideas.. and this is something that I will be delving into more!

Final Session- Flipped Classroom
Ready for a confession.. after the AR session I really couldn't focus more.  My brain was way to full! It did make me realize that I am pretty partial to my PLN even more!
A few of my favorite people! Stacey, Todd and Wendy Don't really know what I would do without these guys ;)

Met a friend from Kansas! Was so nice to meet Kayla

Super excited to be working more with this fantastic lady right here!

My brain is full.. I learned a ton.. can't wait to really share in real life!  Next EdCamp for me... the one I am helping organize on October 12, 2013 for #edcampdallas

Have you attended an edcamp?  What were your take aways?  I am very excited to start sharing even more on this blog!


  1. Nice recap of the day! It was so great to meet you and I look forward to learning and reading about more of your thoughts. Thanks for making my first edcamp an easy one!

    1. Kayla, it was so nice to meet you this weekend! I loved that we had a chance to converse more over brunch. I can't wait to see what you do this next year!

  2. Great recap! It was my first also . Can't wait till #edcampdallas

    1. Thanks Kathy! I can't wait until edcampdallas either. Glad you were able to make this one.

  3. I loved the recap of the day... Thanks for sharing recourses from the AR session.

    Next edcamp, I need to great a picture with you so I can be included on the hall of fame ... Haha!

    1. Don, you crack me up. It is always nice to see you in passing and even better when I have a chance to sit and chat with you. I will be hunting you down at #edcampdallas for a picture. I was SO bad at taking pictures this time (I don't even have enough for a movie)