Thursday, November 28, 2013

Tech Challenge Update

We just completed our first month of Tech Challenges, and I am pretty happy how it turned out!  You can check out my first Tech Challenge Blog here.
My challenges for November were:
-Non-Negotiable-Complete the STaR Chart (guess what! Everyone did this!)
-Science- Use Voki to share science words.  These were posted on our Scientifically Sharing blog.
-Web2.0- Skype- connect with another classroom using Skype
-Data-Driven-Comment on either the Number Crunching blog or Wonderful Writing blog
-Support Staff- Create 2 Voki's to go with the Number Crunching blog

The end product for the first month
-Non-Negotiable- ALL the teachers completed this!
-Data-Driven- I had about 1/3 of the teachers participate in commenting on the blog
-Science- just a handful of teachers participated
-Web 2.0- just a handful of teachers
-Support Staff- I had about 1/3 of the support staff join in the challenge
To keep up with who was completing challenges I created an Excel document.  As a teacher completed the challenge I added an X.  I highlighted the box after I had put the badge in their box and given the swag that they earned.

My overall experience? I knew going in that not everyone was going to participate.  My goal for the Tech Challenges is to plant seeds!  It made my heart SO happy when I had a teacher approach me to ask for help on how to complete the Tech Challenges.  I loved seeing her class comment come up on the blog.  It made my heart SO happy when another teacher told me that she enjoyed the Number Crunching blog because it was a perfect transition.  It also made my heart SO happy that I had 2 teachers complete ALL of the Tech Challenges!
One of the Tech Challenge game boards

The badges for the Tech Challenge game board
I just finished up the December Tech Challenges.  I have contacted a couple of the websites/tools we will be using this next month.
Loved that Voki sent some great prizes for the teachers!

Loved that Skype in the Classroom also sent some great incentives!
I just finished creating the challenges for next month.  You can find December challenges here  I have enjoyed the communication that the Tech Challenges have opened between myself and teachers.  I have also enjoyed hearing teachers discuss with me how they are going to use these tools next (outside of what was required for the challenge!)  The challenges are basic, but who knows how big the seed will grow and where it might transplant.  I can't wait to see what else the teachers that I work with accomplish!

Have you tried Tech Challenges?  What are the pros/cons that you have seen?  What are some great tools that should be included in future Tech Challenges?

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