Saturday, June 16, 2012


Did you know that ISTE 2012 is 7 days away.. Podstock is 32 days away.. and then DENSI is 34 days away.. and 105 days until Edcampdallas?  So.. with all that being said my email has been FLOODED with emails!  I LOVE getting emails from teachers and collaborating!

So, if you emailed me last week.. I deleted the email before I could reply.  I am SO sorry!  Please email me again (and I promise I won't hit the delete key!)  I feel so bad!  I have scoured every mailbox for the last hour to try to find the email.. with no luck.

Be watching for lots of blogs coming up!  Skype in the classroom, ISTE 2012, Podstock, DENSI and just life in general.  Happy Father's Day tomorrow.. and happy 7 year anniversary to my amazing and talented husband!

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