Monday, January 21, 2013


It is Monday and it is my SECOND blog!  But in reality, I wrote my Movie Monday blog this weekend (I do love being able to schedule blogs)  There are a TON of links in this blog (but lots of great information.. I promise!)

Today I had the opportunity to give my first ever keynote and then have 3 breakout sessions in Community ISD at their #CISDtechday.  I have had the opportunity to see Stuart Burt present several times, so I jumped at the chance to present in his district.  Nevada, Texas is only about an hour away from me, and I LOVED the drive! It reminded me so much of driving to my hometown of Canyon, Texas.  To organize and share all of my material I used Livebinders.

My keynote was called Making Your Mark- Using technology to level the playing field.  I had a chance to share about International Dot Day and Choose 2 Matter.  Making Your Mark Livebinder  Each one of these promotes reminding yourself and others that what they do matters, can make a difference, and you never know where a single idea might take you.  Peter Reynolds, T.J. Shay and Angela Maiers are AMAZING! As people came in I passed out Dots that #choose2matter on the back

I then had a chance to share information over Digital Storytelling (Digital Storytelling Livebinder), Technology in the Multi-ability Classroom (Technology Livebinder) and Blogging in the Classroom (Blogging Livebinder)

I loved that the teachers were SO willing to learn, ask questions (even though it was early in the morning) and participate in new ideas.  I look forward to connecting with these teachers even more through blogs and twitter.

During my sessions I even had a chance to share about my favorite conference Podstock and some of my favorite tweeters (although I am sure that I left off a ton!)  There were also some great other sessions going on! Loved sharing the UDL Toolkit that KarenJan has put together.  So much great information!

Thanks guys for a Fantastic day!  I look forward to connecting more!

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