Monday, January 28, 2013

Make It Monday-Pinterest Party

I know that I have talked about the AWESOMENESS of Pinterest before, so I knew that I wanted to have a Pinterest Birthday Party!

This Make It Monday blog is mostly going to be about how I prepared and hosted this super fun party.
I am a Pinterest user... I am even one of those people that actually do the things that I pin (amazing huh!)  I picked a date, created a google doc, and created a Pinterest board for the party.

There a ton of ideas on how to host a Pinterest party, but I decided I wanted to make it fairly simple.  I asked each guest to bring a dish that they had made from Pinterest and a t-shirt (so we could do one of the crafts on the Pinterest board)  I provided the tiles for the coaster craft (these were about .12 each.. in hind sight I wish I had picked up more!)  We had several mobile devices that were used to check out the instructions how to create t-shirt crafts and the tiles.

There was SO much yummy food!  Everyone brought one dish to share.

This is where you really find out if the Pinterest instructions really work! We found that not all of the t-shirts curled how they were supposed to in the instructions.  I found my shirt at Wal-Mart for $4.00 and several people ended up using part of my shirt.

This was a shirt that did not curl the correct way.  But the laughs had were even better!

Making shirts and coasters.  

This headband from a t-shirt worked out great!

2 completed scarves!  Super fun but we learned that it needs more than just 2 circles

Overall it was a wonderful evening!  Everyone walked away with a new coaster and some sort of scarf or headband.  My new scarf looked very fun with my keynote outfit.

Next week I am headed to TCEA13!  On Monday is Mail Call Monday and I am REALLY excited that my guest bloggers are going to be The 3 Tech Ninjas!  I still need to blog over meeting Peter Reynolds this weekend.  I also want to share more information about Angela Maiers.  Lots of blogs coming!

Do you use Pinterest?  Do you actually complete the projects you pin?  Are you headed to TCEA13?

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