Monday, February 11, 2013

Magnificent Monday-TCEA13 Takeaways

The Rocking TCEA13 BrainPOP crew
Last week I was able to attend TCEA13 and hang out with the AWESOME BrainPOP crew!  When I wasn't hanging out at the booth I had a chance to meet some tweeps, join some sessions, and just do some great learning!  So, enjoy the pictures and check out the links to the resources.
I found the Tech Chicks!
A few years ago I found this great Podcast.  I do a ton of driving.. and I never know what kind of radio stations are around.. so I love a good podcast.  The Tech Chicks are SO fun to listen to, great ideas and just around awesomeness! I am really excited.. they even said that they would do a guest blog for me on an upcoming Mail Call Monday!
Loving my new Techlandia sticker!
Another great podcast that is fairly new is the Techlandia podcast.  I love listening to @ipadsammy and @tedrosececi 
Hanging out with @TechNinjaStacey, @TechNinjaTodd and @RafranzDavis  
The 3 Tech Ninjas did a guest post for me.  Another great crew that is good to follow and learn from!

Had to include a picture of the photowalk that I helped lead.  @BryanPDoyle was a GREAT leader!  Thanks @ChristyCate for getting it all organized!
 Some other great things to learn more about!
New Leaf In Learning- One of the best conferences that I had a chance to attend last year was New Leaf in Learning by Follett.  They are now working on a great learning community!  Sign up and see what everything is all about.  I can't wait to connect with more people in this community!

WatershED Project- (first of all.. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of this! I was SO bad at taking pictures this year)  This is another project by Follett. This is a beautiful website that asks educators what they want their students to be able to do.  Rebecca Levinson has done a great job of recruiting educators to take a moment to take a moment and reflect on what they want students to be able to do.

StraightAce-I had a chance to sit down to breakfast with the creators of this app.  It looks super interesting and I can't wait to learn more about it!
StraightAce is a newly designed math app and service that transforms smartphones and tablets — which teens already love — into powerful learning tools that are fun to use. Your child can study numerous math topics, answering as few as 10 questions a day, in order to master the subject with confidence.
The following day, your child can review questions from the previous day using our flashcard function. One week later, the questions your child answered incorrectly will automatically appear again to ensure that all lessons have been fully learned. Your child's math skills will improve significantly through repeated use of StraightAce.
But our service is not just about answering questions. It's rich in content, too. For example, we provide a lesson before they tackle questions and offer hints to nudge your child along. And we always give ample but concise explanations after each answer is submitted. As an added bonus, the app allows parents to see their child's learning progress.

There were so many great things going on at TCEA!  It also marked the end of the TCEA Classroom Teacher of the Year reign for me :)  I loved all the learning, but I can't wait to see what this next year will hold!  Did you go to TCEA?  What were your takeaways?

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  1. Awesome post!! So great getting to hang out this week and make a ton of memories!